Elementary Substances


Specification Item Contents CAS 7704-34-9 Description Elemental sulphur Size 2~5 mm Sulphur Purity 99.9% MIN (on dry basis) Carbon 0.2% MAX Moisture 0.5% MAX : 50~98%
Main Item paper, oil, cement, rice, sugar , fruits, fish, meat, laptop, garlic, onion, coffee, cocoa, bananas, energy drinks, copper, aluminum, iron, gold, rubies, diamond, rubber, tire, wheat, corn, beans, soybean, pepper, fishnet, sulphur, diesel, LNG,
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D-Mannose CAS:3458-28-4 D-Mannose CAS:3458-28-4
Main Item IPTG Isopropyl beta-D-thiogalactoside CAS:367-93-1
Business Type Manufacturer

Polyacrylonitrile Powder/PAN powder

Polyacrylonitrile Powder/PAN powder Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) powder, also known as polyvinyl cyanide and Creslan 61, is a synthetic, semicrystalline organic polymerresin, with the linear formula (C3H3N)n. Though it is thermoplastic, it does not melt...
Main Item Sodium Aluminate, Aluminum hydroxide, Vermiculite, Mica, Cenosphere, Wollastonite, Kaolin clay
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Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite

Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite

Product Anhydrous sodium sulfite CAS no. 7757-83-7 Purity 90%, 93% Color white Shape fine crystalline powder Particle size 80-100mesh Packaging 25kg/ 1000kg bag Sample free Classification non hazardous chemicals Molecular formula Na2SO3 Use...
Main Item anhydrous sodium sulfite
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Astragaloside iv

Details: Plant source:The dry root of Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch. )Bge.(Main origin of Gansu) or Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch. ) Bge. var. mongholicus ( Bge. ) Hsiao(Main origin of Inner Mongolia) Appearance: Brown yellow powder...
Main Item astragaloside iv
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Agricultural N21% Ammonium Sulfate Agricultural N21% Ammonium Sulfate Agricultural N21% Ammonium Sulfate Agricultural N21% Ammonium Sulfate Agricultural N21% Ammonium Sulfate Agricultural N21% Ammonium Sulfate

Agricultural N21% Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulphate is a kind of nitrogen fertilizer which can provide N for NPK and mostly used for agriculture . Besides providing the element of nitrogen, it can also provide the element of sulphur for crops, pastures and other plants. Because of...
Main Item adipic acid, polypropylene, Nylon chip PA6, ammonium sulphate
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Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium Hydroxide is a vital element used in elderly care. It is formed by the reaction of alkaline earth metals (A) and hydroxide (OH) ion. It is a very concentrated base and one of the bases developed rapidly by chemists. It is 100% soluble in...
Main Item Gypsum, magnesium, aluminium
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CAS 22563-90-2 2-(benzylideneamino)-2-methylpropan-1 37148-47-3 CAS 22563-90-2 2-(benzylideneamino)-2-methylpropan-1 37148-47-3 CAS 22563-90-2 2-(benzylideneamino)-2-methylpropan-1 37148-47-3 CAS 22563-90-2 2-(benzylideneamino)-2-methylpropan-1 37148-47-3 CAS 22563-90-2 2-(benzylideneamino)-2-methylpropan-1 37148-47-3 CAS 22563-90-2 2-(benzylideneamino)-2-methylpropan-1 37148-47-3

CAS 22563-90-2 2-(benzylideneamino)-2-methylpropan-1 37148-47-3

Specification item value CAS No. 37148-47-3 Other Names 4-Amino-3,5-dichlorophenacylbromide MF C8H6BrCl2NO EINECS No. 37148-47-3 Place of Origin Henan,China Purity 99% Appearance Brown powder Usage Dyestuff Intermediates Brand Name ShuoHong Model...
Main Item salicylamide, etomidate, Salicylic eyes
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Caustic Soda(flake and pearls)

1.Widely used in papermaking,synthetic detergent,soap,adhesive fiber, artificial silk and cotton goods in light textile industry. 2.Pesticides,dye,rubber,fertilizer in chemical industry. 3.Petroleum drilling,refining petroleum grease and purifier...
Main Item sudium sulfate anhydrous
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Others

Malan Brand Sodium BIcarbonate

Quick Details Classification: Carbonate Appearance: white Purity: 99% Grade Standard: Food Grade CAS No.: 144-55-8 Type: Sodium Bicarbonate Classification: chemical Brand Name: Malan Specifications Malan brand Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate High...
Main Item Ammonium Chloirde, Soda Ash Light and Dense, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous, U Flash Disc, Gas Generator, Oil Filter
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Sodium-free fefining flux

Sodium-free Fluxes for Aluminium Industries Form: Granulated Production Technology: Fused Tech Size: 1-3mm Raw Materials: Mgcl2 anhydrous, KCL, Nacl, Na3ALF6, CaF2,BaCl2..etc. Low melting point with low dosage. high efficeney Refining ,degassing....
Main Item magnesium chloride anhydrous, bentonite
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Testosterone Acetate

Product name:Testosterone Acetate : Testosterone Acetate Price:$0.8/ gram Trade Terms:FOB Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Money Gram Product Detail Basic Info Model NO.: CAS No. 1045-69-8 Purity: 99% Min Export Markets: Global Additional Info...
Main Item peptides
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Bismuth Ingot / Granules / Needles

Bismuth metal is silver gray to light pink metal, which is in form of ingots, sheets, granules, ball, powder. Bismuth ingots tend to break up. It shows light blue fire and yellow or brown bismuth oxide turns out when heating at room temperature....
Main Item Indium Wires, Indium Granules, Thallium Ingot, Thallium Nitrate, Scandium Oxide, Europium Sulfide, Yttrium Nitride
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2-Methylfuran Basic information Product Name: 2-Methylfuran Synonyms: Sylvan;SILVAN;2-methyl-fura;2-methylfurane;2-methyloxole;Furan,2-methyl-;Methylfuran;-Methylfuran CAS: 534-22-5 MF: C5H6O MW: 82.1 EINECS: 208-594-5 Product Categories: Isotope...
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Redispersible Polymer Powder

Redispersible Polymer powder(ordinary type) is composed of a special polymers made of powder adhesive after spray drying. this powder is contact with water can be dispersed again in soon after forming emulsion, and with the nature of the same as...
Main Item cellulose ether
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calcium carbide

Usage: 1.The main raw material for producing acetylene gas . 2. Reacting with nitrogen to product lime nitrogen . 3.The desulfurizer in steel industry. 4. Cutting and welding for metal material . 5. To synthesize polyvinyl choloride (PVC) 6. Fruit...
Main Item caustic soda , calcium carbide , calcined bauxite
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Cenosphere powder for well drilling

Product Datasheet Cenosphere is a kind of sialic bead and tiny glass particle which is extracted from fly ash in thermal power plants, because it can float on the water, it is called cenosphere. Its chemical composition is SiO2 and Al2O3....
Main Item magnesium hydroxide&barite&CMC&PAC&cenosphere and other oil chemical
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Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant for aluminum composite panel

Commercial name: Brucite Key component: Mg(OH)2 Application: Halogen free flame retardant Strong point: Non-toxic, High efficient, Smoke suppression, Environmental. Flame-retardant mechanism 1: Decomposition of magnesium hydroxide absorb heat,...
Hong Kong
Main Item Brucite Powder
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Tin (Sn) Physical character: Atomic Weight: 118.69 Melting Point: mp: 232 ℃ Boiling Point: bp: 2260 ℃ Specification: High Purity Tin: Sn-05 Grade 99.999. The content of Tin is above 99.999%. The total content of Ag, Al, As, Au, Bi, Ca, Co, Cu, Fe,...
Main Item CdTe, Metal, Compound
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99.99%-99.99999%Tellurium ingot powder china factory

Tellurium (Te) Physical character: Atomic Weight: 127.60 Electronegative: 2.01 Density: ρ=6.25 g/cm3 Melting Point: mp: 452 ℃ Boiling Point: bp: 1390 ℃ Bandwidth: 0.35 eV Specification: High Purity Tellurium: Te-05 Grade 99.999. The content of...
Main Item High Purity Metal
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