Wanted: used drill bit

Jul 31, 2014
import used PDC bits and TCI bits always. Welcome to contact. Offer the perfect prices for your goods.

Wanted: API new tricone bit/ oil drilling bit/water well drilling bit

Sep 24, 2013
Dear Sir/Madam: We are professional tricone bits,PDC bits supplier for over 20 years. excellent experience could make an important effect in foreign trade. Our mass stock of used and newest of drilling bits could meet your demand of urgent....

Wanted: buy used & scrap tricone bits and PDC bits

Jul 22, 2013
Feilong Drilling Spare Parts Company was established in 1983. Our company is an importer & exporter and distributor of new, overstock and re-used tricone drill bits and drill pipes located in China. Our company wants to buy used and scrap TCI bits...

Wanted: want:scrap tungsten carbide

Jul 5, 2013
Dear Sir or Madam We are a professional manufactory in China,and we want to ,including carbide end milling cutter,slot milling cutter,ball milling cutter,cemented carbide,PCB drill bit,tungsten bars,drawing dies,high content...

Wanted: RE: Purchase of Well Drilling equipment and accessories

Nov 20, 2012
Dear Sir, We want to purchase and import huge quantity well drilling equipment, accessories and spare parts (i.e. drill bits, well head, x-mass tree etc.). If you can supply the same, please contact us immediately with your detail contact...

Wanted: Buy scrap hard alloy,scrap cemented metal

Sep 18, 2012
Dear sir/madam We are a newly company which needs the scrap Tungsten carbide,scrap hard alloy Tungsten steel, tungsten alloy scrap, waste PCB drill bits, tungsten steel tools, waste tungsten powder,in large,tons every week. If you have these in...

Wanted: Buy kinds of scrap PDC bit

Jul 3, 2012
Hejian Ruide Drilling company purchase kinds of pdc bit for customers. for matrix body pdc bit or steel body pdc bit. for 3-8 wings baldes pdc bits

Wanted: Buy used PDC bit

May 24, 2012
We plan to buy a large quantity of used tci tricone bit and carbide PDC bit, if you can provide these products, pls contact us ASAP. We accept all the sizes mixed, and pls send me the real pics of the products you have. Your reply will be...

Wanted: Import used PDC drill bit

May 21, 2012
Used pdc drill bit some IADC code for reference: 437 Soft Formation TCI Tricone Bits The 427 tci bits are used to drill low compressive strength,very soft formations .TCI bits maximize the use of bothconical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts of...

Wanted: used pdc core rock bit

Dec 19, 2011
We buy used pdc drill bits from all over the world . If you have , please contact me .

Wanted: buying coppercladlaminates of all types

Mar 5, 2011
we buy and sell copper clad laminates of all types ,sizes,grades.insulation sheets ,panels and strips of glass epoxy fr4,3240,g10,paper phinolic etc.we also buy p.c.b inks &chemicals,carbide & hss drill bits,

Wanted: Used PDC bits and Tricone Bits

Mar 30, 2010
As the largest PDC bits and tricone bits repair center in China, Oilman Petroleum Geology Driling Equippment Company Limited is capable to repair and maintain various types of PDC bits and tricone bits used in oil drilling and mining industry....

Wanted: Diamond Saw Blades Wanted

Nov 19, 2009
United States
We are looking for a supplier of reasonably priced wet and dry Diamond saw blades made for Sandstone.We can sell blades from 4 inch up to 6 foot blades.We also get inquires about saws and drill bits.
United States

Wanted: DTH bits

Dec 17, 2008
Dear sir We AL MEDHLAI TRADING GROUP is one of the leading companies specialized in importing Drilling equipments and casing pipe in the country of Yemen. And also we have six water rigs working in many fields of Yemen. We found your website and...

Wanted: Buy used tricone bits and scrap PDC bits

Jul 17, 2008
We want to import the used tricone bits,include TCI and steel tooth bits.And we also want to buy scraped PDC bits in a large quantity.If you have,please do not hesiteate to contact with me ASAP.Thank you very much

Wanted: buy second hand drilling accessories

Oct 1, 2007
At present we need large quantity of second hand drilling tools,including TCI\PDC bits,drill pipes and drill collars,if you have these products or you can collect for us,please contact me directly.thanks

Wanted: we want to buy used oil drill pipes

May 15, 2007
Dear sir, How are you?? Pls kindly send your detailed information for the following items(list, price, photos, grade): 1. Used oil drill pipe, 127mm(5''). 2. Used drill bits Hope we can find chances for cooperation! Tks & Rgds Dragonsky Lee Hebei...

Wanted: buy used drill pipe of 5

Jul 26, 2006
we are a agent about drill bits in China.we sale new and repaired rock bits (TCI and Steel tooth )drill pipe and drilling rigs . Now we need used drill bits of 5" .If you can provide .please contact me

Wanted: High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bit 1/32''

May 4, 2006
Dear Colleagues We a re in urgent need of High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bit 1/32''. Suppliers are requested to contact us at the earliest. Warm Regards Engr. Salman Arshad Kulowall Associates

Wanted: need to hacksaw blade

Jul 20, 2005
Dear Sir, We hope at the time of your periodical stock check-ups, some excess stocks of, Hand Hacksaw Blades, Power Machine Blades, Circular Saw Blades, HSS Twist Drills, Carbide inserts, Tips, Hand Taps, HSS Tips and Bits etc., might have become...