ST-80E sawing machine (diamond) wire saw

- ST-80E is developed to be the first and only robot wire saw equipped with an internal wire and water drainage system - able to remake from the existing model to meet custom’s need. (Engines and motors can be replaced) - Available in two types of...
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The diamond wire sawing machine is mainly used for the automatic grinding and cutting of 50m or 100m diamond wire saws. Wire saws can be automatically rotated for grinding. With a very high work efficiency, it is a necessary equipment for factory...
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Vacuum brazed diamond wire saw for soft stones cutting

The characteristics: 1. Vacuum brazed wire saw can be used to cut large size block in quarry and processing. 2. Mainly, it is for soft stone quarry. Reference: Specification and performance parameters of diamond wire-saws Specification(mm) Beads/m...
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Silicon Cropping with Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Wire saw is a tool used to thinly slice rectangular silicon ingots that are pre-cut to the dimensions of each wafer.
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Spring diamond wire saw for marble quarrying

Spring diamond wire saw for marble quarrying 1. Wire Application: · Marble/Travertine quarrying. · Marble/Travertine block squaring. · Marble/Travertine quarry dry cutting. 2. Features: · Efficiency cutting marble quarry and raw block. ·...
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50~450um Code diamond wire sawing-Cut-Off

diamond wire saw overview diamond wire saw also called Ultra fine wire is high carbon,cold drawing of brass plated of high strength steel wire,it can be used for cutting high hardness of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and quartz...
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Diamond Wire Saw Mining Machine cutting machine wire Stone quarrying machine used stone cutting mach

Kanghua diamond wire saw machine is an equipment using the diamond wire saw for cutting, its cutting speed can be very fast and the efficiency is high. It mainly apply to stone quarrying, concrete cutting and metal cutting. It has been ugraded to...
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High wearing pcd Metal cutting dies natural diamond wire drawing die

High wearing pcd Metal cutting dies natural diamond wire drawing die “PCD Dies can be used for any type of wet and dry wire drawing process. Especially for larger size where demanding wear is a problem, but surface finish is less critical. PCD Dies...
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diamond wire saw for granite marble stone cutting

Endless Diamond wire Saw Rope For Granite Diamond wire is the latest and most interesting innovation in the field of diamond cutting tools. In constant growth, wire is used in quarrying, as well as in slabs cutting with single- or multi-wire...
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saw diamond grits

MBD-S60 series have few micro-fractured edges compared to the MBD-S80 series, but they still have the similar high thermal strength and tight controlled shape, the MBD-S60 series are also suitable for the stone and construction industry...
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Micron Diamond Powder Micron Diamond Powder Micron Diamond Powder Micron Diamond Powder Micron Diamond Powder Micron Diamond Powder

Micron Diamond Powder

Micron Diamond Powder for Diamond Wire Our BRM-HS High Strength Micron Diamond Powder is by Produced with higher strength MBD diamond as raw materials. Regular blocky crystal shape, very high strength, good thermal stability, longer tool...
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Diamond wire saw for cutting reinforced concrete and quarry stones

Diamond wire Diamond wire is maily used on the diamond wire saw machine.It enables the most flexible concrete cutting solutions,and therewith,the wall thickness and poisitioning of the cut are not a problem.Brother company has more than 10 years of...
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7" Diamond Wire Saw Blade 80-100 mesh widely used for slitting graphite, printed circuit boards etc

7" Diamond Wire Saw Blade 80-100 mesh widely used for slitting graphite, printed circuit boards etc Keywords:wire saw,wire cutting machine,diamond cut,diamond cutting tool,diamond saw Quick Details Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland) Brand...
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diamond wire saw

Diamond wire saw Specification: 1. Diamond wire saw for granite of stationary machine in workshop---plastic injection. Diameter No.Of beads per meter 8.5mm 36/38/40 pcs 11mm 36/38/40 pcs 2.Diamond wire saw for granite of quarry machine---rubber...
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High Purity Fine-Grain Graphite Mold for Wire Saws

High Purity Fine-Grain Graphite Mold for Wire Saws A: Company profile L.T Group has a comprehensive product and technology portfolio that focuses on four field of graphite - ultrafine particle graphite mould, graphite electrode,...
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Wire Saw For Granite Dressing

Wires for stationary machines Diamond wire for squaring and blocks cutting Advantages: 1.There is not much block size limited for wire sawing compare with disk saw. 2.The wire saw inter-space is thinner and more precise than the large disk saw...
Main Item Diamond Wire& Wire Saw Machine
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Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Cutting

Introduction: We manufacture both sintered and electroplated bead wire. Sintered wire will provide better life while electroplated wire gives excellent cutting speed without lossing diameter. Whirlwind Wire is rubber cotated with spring spacers...
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Diamond Wire Saws (DWS) are designed for underwater cutting of pipe or structures, with five models available to cut from 4" to 84" O.D. (122-2134mm). Running on hydraulic power, the saws are controlled remotely with dedicated HPU controls, topside...
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plastic injection molding machine JTKR-1200 for diamond wire saw coating

Clamping Force : 85-300T Injection Weight : 190g-1507g Vertical clamping, horizontal injection Vertical clamping, horizontal injection Alternative sliding table, rotary table, energy-saving motor Can use for diamond wire saw coating 12 to 20 beads...
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Diamond Saw Blade For Cutting Marble

Experienced manufacturer of diamond tools, we supply diamond segments, diamond saw blades, diamond wire saw and diamond grinding tools for stone factories, quarries and wholesalers all over the world.
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