Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Hebei Guanlang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. It is a technology-based company with independent intellectual property rights engaged in the development, production and management of chemical products. The company has long-term cooperation with the...
Main Item: Organic intermediates
Business Type: Manufacturer, Agent

Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, which is a high-tech company specializing in API intermediates, high-end chemical and biochemical reagents. Huateng is equipped with 5000m2 laboratory and more than ten million R&D...
Main Item: pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, PEG derivatives
Business Type: Manufacturer

Shandong YunFengLian Chemical Co.,Ltd

Shandong YunFengLian Chemical Co., Ltd. is an integrated mordern high-tech enterprise which combines R&D, Production and Sales of Fluorinated Fine Chemicals,New Chemical Materials and API. Our company focus on Hign-end Fine Chemicals, core products...
Main Item: Difluoroacetic acid, Ethyl difluoroacetate, Methyl difluoroacetate, Ethyl4, 4-difluoro-3-oxobutyrate, Ethy 2-fluoroacetoacetate, 2, 2, 2-Trifluoroethylamine hydrochloride, 2, 2-Difluoroethanol , Difluoroacetic anhydride, Chlorodifluoroacetic acid, Ethyl chlorodifluoro
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler/Retailer

Tianjin Best Technology Co.,Ltd

BEST is a technology-focused manufacture of API, Pharmaceutical intermediates,Nucleosides and Fluorescent Dyes,with best R&D capacity.We provide high value-added products,including 5-Iodo-2'-deoxyuridine,2-Nitrodiphenylamine,2-Deoxy-D-Ribose,etc....
Main Item: Pharmaceutical intermediates, Nucleosides and Fluorescent Dyes
Business Type: Manufacturer, Others

Zhejiang Senlong Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Senlong Technology LLC is specialized in the production of organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, food additive, and now has more than 3000 kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates inventory.
Main Item: pharmaceutical intermediate
Business Type: Manufacturer

Anhui Moker New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Moker New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the area of chemical products. It includes a combination of pharmaceutical intermediates, plant extracts, chemical reagent, animal pharmaceutical, agrochemical...
Main Item: pharmaceutical intermediates, plant extracts, chemical reagent, animal pharmaceutical, agrochemical intermediates, antibiotic etc
Business Type: Manufacturer

Zhangjiagang Clent Chemical Co.,ltd

As a hi-tech fine chemical production enterprise, we are mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and trade of pharmaceutical,dye,pesticide and material intermediate products. Our main products are Solvent Yellow 114,...
Main Item: 2, 2-Bipyridineand ; 2-Aminothiazole; 2-Amino-5-nitrothiazole; Tetrahydropyran-4-one;2, 3-Dihydropyran;2, 3-dihydrofuran; 9-Phenylacridine; Acetoxyacetyl chloride
Business Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer

Apino Pharma Co., Ltd.

Apino Pharma focuses on phamraceutical industry especially APIs and Key Intermediates as well as full service from R&D stage to commercial stage with the concept of "Added Value, Profession, Innovation". We strictly follow the principle "Quality...
Main Item: 9, 10-Dihydrolysergic acid, 9, 10-Dihydrolysergol, Cetuximab, Dydrogesterone
Business Type: Manufacturer, Agent, Wholesaler/Retailer

Frandcom Industrial Limited

Frandcom Chemicals is a Chemical division of Frandcom Industrial Limited, which is a comprehensive department specializing in the R&D, production and sales of fine chemical products.
Main Item: Dimethylmalonic acid, Ethyl trans-4-oxo-2-butenoate, O-Phosphorylethanolamine, , 2-Methylanthraquinone Refined, 5, 5-Dimethyloxazolidine-2, 4-dione, 3-Mercaptopropionic acid, m-Toluic acid, Cybutryne, N-Ethylacetamide, N-Vinyl caprolactam, Petroleum Resin C9
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Wuhan Monad Medicine Tech Co.,LTD

Wuhan Monad Medicine Tech Co.,LTD is located in Hubei province of China. We specialized in pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary drug intermediates and dyes intermediates, such as phenylacetamide, dimethylamine hcl, benzyl chloride etc. "Quality...
Main Item: API, pharmaceutical intermediates and natural extract
Business Type: Manufacturer

Ningbo Inno Pharmchem Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Inno Pharmchem Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2007 with an R&D center over 400 square meters in the Jiangbei District of Ningbo that offering a complete set of experiment and test instruments. Hitherto, the stable development allows the company to...
Main Item: Pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, fine chemicals, custom synthesis, production process development
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer

Hunan Solar Chemical Co., Ltd

Hunan Solar Chemical Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in New Electronic Chemical Materials, Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Pesticide Intermediates. Our main products are conformal coating powder Parylene which is a...
Main Item: Parylene dimer, parylene c, parylene n, parylene d, parylene f, conformal coating
Business Type: Manufacturer

BaoDing JiuFu Biochemmical Co.LTD

we are the professionally develops and applies the bio-enzyme catalyzing technology to replace the traditional chemical synthesis technology so as to produce high-end steroid compound,and want to becoming China's largest manufacture of steriod...
Main Item: Hydroxy-progesterone, Androstenolone, Cortisone Acetate, Estrone, Delta-Lactone
Business Type: Manufacturer

Zibo Ourui Chemical Co.,Ltd

Zibo Ou Rui Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to the production and operation of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, we provides a wide range of high quality research chemicals and biochemicals including novel life-science reagents,...
Main Item: cdc, 2fdck, u48800, EBK, Eutylone, NDH, 5fadb, HEP, 4fadb, 5FMDMB2201
Business Type: Manufacturer

Jinan Realong Chemical CO.,LTD

Quinoline, Isoquinoline, Dimethylquinoline, Indolone, Indene, 2-Indanone, -methylnaphthalene, methylnaphthalene, mixed methylnaphthalene, industrial acenaphthene, industrial fluorene, Anthraquinone, carbazole, pyridine, refined naphthalene,...
Main Item: Quinoline, Isoquinoline, Dimethylquinoline, Indolone, Indene, 2-Indanone, -methylnaphthalene, -methylnaphthalene, mixed methylnaphthalene, industrial acenaphthene, industrial fluorene, Anthraquinone, carbazole, pyridine, refined naphthalene, industrial
Business Type: Manufacturer

Wuhan BJM Pharm Inc

Wuhan BJM Pharm Inc. was found in 2013, located in Hubei Province, where has long history, rich culture, convenient traffic, beautiful environment and preferential policy. We have two factories in Dezhou , Shandong and Xianning, Hubei. The factory...
Main Item: DL-Homocysteinethiolactone hydrochloride, Tris Base, Etocrilene, Pirfenidone, BP-4
Business Type: Manufacturer

Jinan Meiluwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinan Meiluwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in March, 2010. Since the foundation, our company has been committed to the R&D and production of functional molecules. We have independent intellectual property rights for our products. We...
Main Item: PQQ, s-equol, 2-Ethoxybenzoic Acid,
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor

Wuhan Sincere-star Chemical Co.,Ltd

Wuhan Sincere-star Chemical Co., Ltd is the manufacturers and suppliers of ,Salicylaldehyde,2-Chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole ,DL-2-Phenylpropionic acid;2-PPA;BMPPA;Loxoprofen Sodium intermediate;Ketoprofen nitrile,Ketoprofen intermediate;
Main Item: Coumarin , Salicylaldehyde, 2-Chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole , DL-2-Phenylpropionic acid(2-PPA) , 2-(4-Bromomethyl)phenylpropionic acid(BMPPA), Loxoprofen Sodium intermediate, Ketoprofen nitrile, Ketoprofen Intermediate;3'-Chloroacetophenone, O-Anisaldehyde
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Agent

Dongmao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Dongmao Biotechnology Co., Limited specializes in exporting high quality Research chemical, medical intermediate, Pharmaceutical chemicals and so on. Our products are produced on the basis of best technical team, advanced equipment, high qualified...
Main Item: 2FDCK, MDPT, 5FMDMB2201......
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

Hebei Speed Gain Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Hebei Speed Gain Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead" and adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide quality services to customers. The company is...
Main Item: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Business Type: Manufacturer