Evrenkaya Koyum Yumurta

Evrenkaya Köyüm egg is in a structure that constantly renews itself in consideration of today's food needs. In line with this, the company, which attaches great importance to intensive R & D work, constantly renews and uses new investments in...
Main Item: Eggs
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

Pars Crown

Pars Crown Company with registration No.207875 in IRAN, has started its activities in 2003, with the purpose of importing raw materials for food industry, especially dairy products, and producing raw materials with a specified formula, as well as...
Main Item: Unsalted Sweet Butter 82% , Unsalted Lactic Butter 82% , Milk Powder
Business Type: Manufacturer

Am Trading Inc.

We currently have Nestle Nido , Nido Kinder 1+ Instant Full Cream Milk Powder with red caps and white caps both available in stock and wholesale. English and also arabic label tins available. Sachet packas available too. Best prices offered. We do...
Main Item: Nestle Nido , Nido Kinder 1+ Red/White Cap Instant Full Cream Milk Powder
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer
United States
United States

Zhong Ze Rui Ye International Business Development Co.,Ltd.

We are Chinese importer of beauty care and health care products . Established in 2006, now Zhongzeruiye has hold a large portion of market share within industry through many B2B and B2C channels development in China.
Main Item: beauty care
Business Type: Importer, Agent


ETNGROUP is a certified company bracketed with prominent Exporters and Suppliers of Industrial Chemicals, HDPE Virgin Granules, LLDPE Virgin Granules, PET Plastic Flakes, Plastic Resin, Refined Oil, Icumsa Brown Sugar, Icumsa White Sugar, Whole...
Main Item: Unsalted Butter
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer


The MLEKOVITA cooperative company located in northeastern Poland was founded in 1928, and is one of the largest dairy product producer in Poland, both in terms of volume of milk processing and sale of dairy products. The company currently has 16...
Main Item: Fresh UHT Milk
Business Type: Manufacturer

Opportunity Trading Limited

We are a leading international wholesale trading & distribution business specialising in sourcing FMCG products. We specialise in sourcing branded and non branded goods from across the globe at exclusive prices. Our network allows us to distribute ...
Main Item: Baby milk power
Business Type: Exporter, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Forum Consult Llc

we are specialised in dairy trade. We can offer a broad range of dairy products, such as sterilized milk, flavored full cream milk, cheese, and take care of the import and export all over the world. Through our network you will gain access to all ...
Main Item: milk powder Fat filled milk powder Food Preparations
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

Sourceit USA

We offer US Nutrition Baby milk powder in 3 steps: Step 1: 0-6 months Step 2: 6-12 months Step 3: 1-3 years old We can supply 860 grams per can, 12 cans per case or in bulk, 453, 600 gram 1 bulk tote per pallate.
Main Item: Baby Milk Powder
Business Type: Agent
United States
United States

Latvian Dairy

Latvian Dairy is a modern enterprise that manufactures white brine cheeses.
Main Item: Akkawi Cheese
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter


European trading company B2B Intertrade GmbH was initiated in 2008. It was established in Bielefeld, Germany, and is a part of international commercial and industrial holding company with representative offices in Poland (Warsaw), Russia (Moskow, ...
Main Item: Milk
Business Type: Exporter

Azienda Agricola Montebaducco

MONTEBADUCCO COMPANY. Is the First European Donkey Farm. Specialized in Production and Supply on a large scale of DONKEY MILK LYOPHILIZED (Powder).
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Service, Others

Param Dairy Limited

We are the Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder / Full Cream Milk Powder, Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter Oil / Anhydrous Milk Fat), Paneer (Indian Cheese), Dairy Whitener, White Butter, Flavored Milk and other ...
Main Item: Dairy Products
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Right Food Inc.

Right food is an American based company promoting it's Brand dairy products: Right Infant milk formula Milk powder Butter Anhydrous milk fat
Main Item: Right Milk Powder
Business Type: Manufacturer
United States
United States

S & B Linkers (B/C)

We are a brokerage and consultancy company registered in the State of Washington, USA, and based in Seattle. We have been around since 1997 and we specialize in sourcing the most reliable manufacturers and brokering the sale of their products. We ...
Main Item: Full Cream and Skimmed Milk Powder
Business Type: Exporter, Agent
United States
United States


We offer milk powder for children / adults and other products.
Main Item: SUGAR
Business Type: Agent, Others

GanSu Longruan International

Welcome to Longruan Casein, your source for quality casein and caseinate products. Lanzhou Longruan Casein Co., Ltd is a stock company founded in 1995, involving research, manufacture and trade of casein and caseinate products. Headquartered in ...
Main Item: Lactic acid casein
Business Type: Manufacturer

Ecofarm Dairy

Welfare is important to human being as well as animals. For customers, we will present healthy dairy goods, produced by healthy cows which frisk freely while eating grass from cowshed on natural grass land.
Main Item: Bumsan organic ice cream
Business Type: Wholesaler/Retailer
Korea Ltd

Founded in 2009, Browy GmbH, is the regional pioneer in offering high quality food and beverage products, marketing expertise and technical services across the manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries. Headquartered in Germany with offices ...
Main Item: milk
Business Type: Manufacturer, Agent, Distributor

Trading Complex

High Quality Unsalted Butter 82% Grade A Unsalted Cow Milk Butter is obtained from fresh Pasturized cream derived from whole cow milk chilled and aged prior to churning on a continues butter-maker. We have showcased our market presence among the ...
Main Item: Butter, Cheese
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter