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Coaxial Cable

Coaxial wire, also named as RG Cable, normally are used for signal transmission, like TV, long-distance call, short distance connections between computer systems and local area networks. Coaxial cable has long been an important part of the...
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Coaxial Cable Clips

Coaxial Cable Clips Material: PP,Steel nail. Features: Fixable, good elasticity and shock resisting. Inserting type, nail attached in clips. Save time and cost. Model: Circle cable clips, square cable clips,coaxial cable clips Colors: white,black,...
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CATV Broadband video cable(RG coaxial cable)

Drop cable for CATV(Community Antenna Television) and MATV(Master Antenna Television) distribution. Construction: Copper-Clad steel conductor,FOPE Insulated,AL-Foil and aluminum braided,PVC outer sheath. Outer sheath color: Black or as customer...
Main Item BS.2004 Flexible Cable 250/440V
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coaxial cable RG6

COAXIAL CABLE 1.02 inner conductor 4.57 Foamed PE Al foil AL wire braiding 6.90 PVC jacket
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Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Automatic RF0.8 Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine Features: 1) Coaxial cable stripper can strip max 9 layers once. 2) Can store 50 programs, operate easily with LCD. 3) Start method: Manual oepration,Foot switch. 4) Blade is made of tungsten steel....
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RG 11 Type Satellite Commercial Electric Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable RG 11 Type Satellite Commercial Electric Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable RG 11 Type Satellite Commercial Electric Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable

RG 11 Type Satellite Commercial Electric Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable

General Specifications Cable Type:Series 6 Center Conductor Type:Solid Construction Type:Non-armored Jacket Color:White/Black Dimensions Cable Length:304.8 m | 1000 ft Diameter Over Center Conductor, specific:0.0403 in per 1 strand Diameter Over...
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gps antenna extension Fakra male connector with 1.37 coaxial cable

Description: FAKRA connector is one of the auto parts. They are widely used in GPS, Remote control, car phone, car TV, hi-fi equipment, antennas, etc. It is mate with the same colors or connector and socket, and the structure is to be double-locked...
Main Item Fakra connector, RF connector, cable assembly
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OEM Service Export to Southeast Countries Indoor & Outdoor Rg59/RG6 Copper Wire/CCTV Coaxial Cable

OEM Service Export to Southeast Countries Indoor & Outdoor Rg59/RG6 Copper Wire/CCTV Coaxial Cable Product Series: Cable Fiber Mode: Single Mode Wavelength: 1310/1550nm Connector: SC/APC : 1. Application: Indoor / Outdoor with providing OEM Service...
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Cable Materials For Coaxial Cable

Cable Materials For Coaxial Cable is a special resin mainly used in the physical foaming type inner communication cable, television cable wire extrusion coating. The processing performance is good, have a certain peel strength. Components do not...
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China coaxial cable manufacturer, communication cable exporter, LAN cable factory, RG6/RG11/RG59 cab

Quality Coaxial Cables offered at best prices, available to order in a variety of jacket materials and colors. Can be produced to meet custom requirements. Model: RG6,RG11, RG59, RG174 and much more. Conductor: highly conductive annealed copper,...
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Color masterbatch (color mb) (fep,pfa,etfe)

Colorant for fluoropolymer covering material of electric wire. Fluoropolymer is the super engineering plastic having these characteristics: heat-resistance, weather-fastness, electric insulation, chemical-resistance and others. Because of the...
1YR YES Gold YES Gold
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CATV Satellite Coaxial cable RG6

Application Coaxial cable RG6, 75Ohm for communication, signal control system, low power video and video signal connections. : Conductor: Solid Bare Copper/Copper Clad Steel Insulation: FPE/PE Shield: AL foil Braiding: Tinned copper wire/copper...
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ULos15 110GHz Ultra-High Frequency Coaxial Cables

ULos15 Coaxial Cables/ Ultra-Low Loss/ Phase & Amplitude Stable/ Flexible Coaxial Cable Impedance 50Ω Applicable up to DC-110 GHz Mechanical Phase Stable ±5° Amplitude Stability ±0.1dB Excellent Bending Stability Superior Shielding Effectiveness...
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RG6 coaxial cable

COAXIAL CABLE RG6 RG6 is used in a wide variey of residential and commercial applications.It has a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms,and it most used for HDTV, Cable Television and Security Camera Systems. RG-6 cables are also used in...
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Semi-automatic Multi-layer Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

CHT-6806 / 6806D / 8608 This semi automatic multi-layer coaxial cable stripping machine is suitable for peeling coaxial cable, triaxial cable and shielded cable. Processing wire range: 0.8-7.0mm, such as rf1.13, rf1.78, rf3.16, rg58, rg59 and...
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Coaxial cable RG6/RG59/RG58/ with network cable CAT5/CAT6

Coaxial Cable Series 75Ohm Muti-Media RG6 PART 1 RG6 No. Structure Material 1 Conductor BC/CCS (1.02mm) 2 Dielectric PE/FPE (4.57mm) 3 1st Shield Al Foil (100%, Overlap >2mm) 4 2nd Shield BC or AL MG Braiding 5 3rd Shield Al Foil(100%, Overlap...
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RG402 Coaxial cable

Raynool Coaxial Cable Low PIM, Low Loss coaxial cable are made of solid inner conductors, as solid conductor performs better in Low PIM characteristic than stranded. Corrugated outer conductors are used to enable a better shielding performance than...
Main Item Low PIM RF Connector, Low PIM Coax Cable Assembly, Coaxial Cable, plenum rated cable, Low Loss Cable, 4.3-10 RF connector, DIN connector
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RF Coaxial Connector SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, MCX, MMCX, N RF Coaxial Cable Connector

RF Coaxial Connector SMA ,SMB, BNC, TNC, MCX, MMCX, N rf coaxial cable connector SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, MCX, MMCX,N and so on RF Connectors Different length, size, shape, specifications can be customized according to customer's needs! Technical...
Main Item DIN41612 Connector, D-SUB, Connectors
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Radiall TERMINATION: BNC M 1GHZ 1W 75ohms with chain connectors

Details: Connector: BNC Frequency: DC - 1 GHZ Type: TERMINATION Application: Coaxial cables on radio, television, computers and other communication equipment Gender: MALE Brand Name: Radiall Impedance (Ohm): 75 Specific Feature: CHAIN Nominal Power...
Main Item We mainly sell ADI TI/Microsemi/Intel and other internationally semiconductor products, which are widely used in communication, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, instrumentation, power systems, medical equipment, aerospace and other fields.
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Siewindos Cable RG6 78% Cable Coaxial SC 0678 Satellite Antenna Broadcasting

Siewindos Cable RG6 78% Cable Coaxial SC 0678 Satellite Antenna Broadcasting Siewindos Conn RG6 78% Cable Coaxial SC 0678 Satellite Antenna Broadcasting 18AWG CCS or Copper,3G Swept Test Radio TV Cable,Television Cable,Cabos Coaxial RG6,RG6...
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