Oxygen lance pipe Oxygen lance pipe Oxygen lance pipe Oxygen lance pipe Oxygen lance pipe Oxygen lance pipe

Oxygen lance pipe

Oxygen Lance Pipe Plain oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coated oxygen lance pipe Calorized oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coated and calorized oxygen lance pipe Welded tube and seamless tube is available. Oxygen Lance is a hollow electric welded tube used in...
Main Item copper mould tube, cast iron and steel roll
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Oxygen Lance Pipe OD-10mm

Oxygen Lance Pipe comes in a variety of end finishes. End caps are provided to prevent contamination. Oxygen Lancing is a reliable method for tapping heats or for other production operations. Oxygen Lance Pipe is used to remove the carbon from...
Main Item thermal lance oxygen lance
Business Type Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer

EAF,LF Calorised&Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe 33.4

(1) Minimum Consumption The calorized layer and the refractory coating layer together generate the strong heat resistance and anti-oxidation to achieve minimum consumption of lance pipe to cut down your cost. (2) Superior Quality Strict quality...
Main Item Thermic Lance Pipe, Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised Oxygen Lance Pipe, Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised&Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Underwater Cutting Lance
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oxygen blowing pipe

s: Ceramic coated pipe is a carbon steel pipe with multiple, thin layers of ceramic coating both outer and inner. The ceramic coating is resistant to slag attack and extends the life of the pipe when it is immersed into molten metal or in high...
Main Item carbon addtive/graphite/pyrite
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Hot High Pressure Washer

Strong, reliable, as required by companies that use h.p. washers daily, as a work-tool and in the most difficult conditions to get the maximum cleaning in the least time and safest environment. Technical Features: Tubular frame set, made of fire...
Main Item Hydraulic cylinders , Jack, Pumps, Cleaning Machine, hydraulic wrench, High Speed Wire Tools, heater
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