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High-quality CTO Active Carbon Block Filter Cartridge Machine

Main features of CTO carbon filter cartridge machine: Adding alert system to monitor the whole production line. Each part produced by famous company: ABB,OMRON,SCHNEIDER... Advantages: All aluminum frame and 304 stainless steel and whole production...
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4.5" CTO carbon block filter cartridge 4.5" CTO carbon block filter cartridge

4.5" CTO carbon block filter cartridge

Carbon block filters with larger OD, 10“x4.5", 20"x4.5" etc., suitable for standard big blue filter housings. Specification SF's 4.5" carbon blocks are like our 2.5" carbon blocks- made of high quality raw materials. Furthermore, with our...
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Activated Carbon Filter Activated Carbon Filter Activated Carbon Filter Activated Carbon Filter Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filter element is made of high-quality nutshell charcoal and coal-based activated carbon as raw materials, supplemented by edible-grade binders, and is processed by high-tech and special processes. It integrates adsorption,...
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Manufacturer Portable Basket Cartridge Filter Carbon Steel Strainer Manufacturer Portable Basket Cartridge Filter Carbon Steel Strainer Manufacturer Portable Basket Cartridge Filter Carbon Steel Strainer Manufacturer Portable Basket Cartridge Filter Carbon Steel Strainer Manufacturer Portable Basket Cartridge Filter Carbon Steel Strainer Manufacturer Portable Basket Cartridge Filter Carbon Steel Strainer

Manufacturer Portable Basket Cartridge Filter Carbon Steel Strainer

Product Introduction The KSRB34G basket strainer is suitable for oil or other liquid transportation pipelines. It can filter impurities from the fluid, and the filtration area is larger than the diameter pipe area about twice or triple, which is...
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Approved by CE&ISO, CTO Activiated carbon filter cartridge

CTO Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge Machine CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine contains compressed coal or coconut shell activated carbon, this structure allows for prolonged contact with water, larger filtration area more can be...
Main Item pp melt blown filter cartridge machine/ pp string wound filter cartridge machine
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CTO Series Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

CTO Series Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge Filters are made of activated carbon block which is manufactured by strictly extruded controlled engineering processes,advanced techniques and FDA approved material of the high quality activated carbon...
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FORST Industrial Cartridge Filter Dust Collection

Forst Industrial Cartridge Filter Dust Collection General Introduction: 1) The cartridges are installed horizon. 2) Offer high efficiency with our air filter cartridges 3) Tool-free hole cap can be disassembled or replaced 4) Choose the proper air...
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Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

: CTO Active Carbon Filter Cartridge Activated carbon filter cartridge (also called carbon block filter cartridge) is made of superior nut shell carbon or coal active carbon , along with food grade binder for material , processing by special craft...
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Dust free 2016 CTO active carbon block filter cartridge making machine

The production line is used for making active carbon filter cartridge with activated carbon granule and LDPE power as raw material. Rated Power: 16 KW Actual Power: 8 KW Raw Material : activated carbon granule and PE powder Filter...
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CTO Activated Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge For Household Water Treatment

Activated Carbon Block (CTO) Filter Cartridge Material Of Construction Filter Media Mineral AC & Coconut Shell AC End Cap Polypropylene Gasket Buna-N Netting Poclyethylene Cartridge Dimensions Outer Diameter 70mm, 115mm Inner Diameter 28mm...
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Wholesale New Age Products 10" activated carbon block filter cartridge

activated carbon filter cartridge has good quality and good competitive price. 1. Low operating pressure & stable flow feed 2. Superior dirt holding capacity for excellent adsorption 3. Carbon powder is adhered together tightly sealed type:sweating...
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Carbon Block Filter Cartridge 5"

1)About Carbon Block Filter Cartridge 10 SPECIFICATION OPERATION CTO5:Fits most standard sized 5inch water filter housings. MATERIAL NSF Coconut Shell Activated Carbon NSF Coal Activated Carbon SPECIFICATION OD:65MM/2.5 ID:28MM Length: 5 MICRON...
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10" granular activated carbon filter cartridge

Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge is extruded and shaped by activated carbon fines. The material can be mineral type or coco-nut. The function of this cartridge is the removal of chlorine, bad taste and organic. Ensuring no carbon fines release and...
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Activated carbon block filter cartridge UDF filter

the carbon block filter cartrdige is usually used into chemical ,electroplate liquid, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coating, solvents, abstergent, medicine water, purified water, beverage, wines industry and air purification industry. the fiter...
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5 Stages RO Water Filter System Without Booster Pump(ROQ-3405)

Patented quick-change filter design Five stages filter cartridges PP sediment, 5 µ Carbon Block PP sediment, 1 µ 50 GPD membrane, NSF Coconut GAC, NSF Without booster pump Wastewater ratio: 1:3 Flow rate : 1.5liter/min Applicable Pressure:50~80PSI...
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Carbon Block Filter Cartridge ( cto)

Our Carbon Block Filters are manufactured with high purity coal or coconut shell carbon and are available in a wide range of lengths, diameters, and micron ratings. It provide an excellent cost-to-performance value. With high chlorine reduction,...
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Active carbon block cartridge, filter cartridge, CTO cartridge

Sintered carbon block is produced by high macromolecule polymer binder after molding and still remains 90% surface for adsorbing the contaminants of raw material. Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate:94%,Iodine adsorption:1000mg/g, Methylene blue...
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RO-50 F Household System RO-50 F Household System

RO-50 F Household System

RO-50/F is better reverse osmosis water purification system in the markets today. it eliminate more than 98% of dissolved solids and contaminants from water including nitrate, arsenic, mercury, lead, chlorine,, organic objects and many other...
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 Activated Carbon Type water filter 

Name active carbon block filter cartridge Material Coal, coconut, nut shell Filter Life Time 6-12months Precision filtration 5~10micron Maximum differential pressure 60°C PH value 1-13 Activated carbon iodine value 950mg/g Suit for Pre-Filters of...
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