Wanted: I want to purchase a large quantity of PSP

Mar 13, 2006
I m a buyer for purchasing brand new PSP from China. I want to purchase 50-200 units per week. The psp that I want to buy must be 1001K Value Pack and Firmware be at V1.5 0r 1.52. I only could do bussiness with the company whose the goods are alway...

Wanted: I`want to buy a large quantity of PSP,PS2,IPOD

Jan 29, 2006
We are a serious buyer from Shanghai China. I'm looking to buy any form of an PSP Here are the models we'd like pricing on (CIF Hong kong): 1.5 Ver 1001K Value Pack (black or White) 1.5 Ver 1001K Giga Pack (black) 2.0 Ver 1001K or 1000K Value pack...