Testing Equipment

Wanted: buying Kahn 504-100-037,

Feb 4, 2021
We are buying the calibration unit of a hydraulic dynamometer, manufacture: Kahn, model: Kahn 504-100-037, Quantity: 1 Unit. If you can provide it, please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance.

Wanted: Testing Machine Agent Is Needed

Apr 3, 2019
Application Based on the differential pressure method, and is professionally applicable to the determination of gas transmission rate as well as solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient of plastic films, laminated...

Wanted: WAW-1000D Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine +Tensile Testing Machine

Aug 27, 2016
Brief Introduction: WAW -1000D Series Computer Control Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, compared with a ball screw type electric mechanical UTM, is adopting oil hydraulic power to push the piston in the oil cylinder to provide loading...

Wanted: Urgently Required Latex Glass Hydrometers

Jul 25, 2016
Dear sir : Urgently require 500 pcs each of the Latex Glass Hydrometers, 50-250 and 50-500 ranges, 10-11 inch length, and ask for your best offers FOR Ambala or CIF Ambala, India per courier. SurajParkash gold.ambalaATgmaiIDOTc0m Export Import...

Wanted: Want to Buy Fluke 5700A, Anritsu MT8852B, R&S CMW280, etc

Apr 29, 2016
I'm looking for the following equipments, if you have, please contact me. BRAND ITERM NO. OPTION QUANTITY R&S SMU200 3G/LTE 1 Fluke 5700A 2 R&S CMW280 1 Anritsu MT8852B 1 R&S CTB-32 2 R&S CMW-Z11 1 HP 4291A 1 R&S CMS54 2 Wendy

Wanted: Branded test quipment like PTL'S

Nov 30, 2012
HongTong Electromechanical Co., LTD are main seller of test equipment in China, we want to extend our business in branded test quipment like PTL'S, if you want to win your business in Chinese market, please contact us.

Wanted: inquiry price

Sep 6, 2012
I currently need the equipment N40140A.the option is 103. if you have ,please feel free to contact me. Best regards. sunny

Wanted: IPT - Endclosures Type A free-endclosures

Aug 13, 2012
I'm looking for Endclosures Type A free-endclosures. For PP, PE and PVC pipes with diameter 280 up to 1200 mm. Product description: 1 pair of endclosures consists of: - 2 sealing caps - 3 or more clamp shells with stainless steel screws to fix the...

Wanted: exposed ndt xray film

Apr 30, 2012
We purchase not only all the various scrap precious metals we show in our website also many other forms of scrap precious metal not shown. Please contact us to tell us about the scrap precious metal you have for sale, so we can give you our best...
United Arab Emirates

Wanted: wanted IQflex/IQview

Sep 9, 2011
Dear Sir / Madam: Now we would like to purchase the following equipments, please give your best dealer price if they are available. Thank you! Want list: