Surgical Instruments

Wanted: Inquiry To Buy Surgical Instruments

Mar 1, 2022
Dear Sir, We are looking for a serious and reliable suppliers of medical consumable IN THE FOLLOWING CATEGORY. Surgical Dressing Anaesthesia Items Adhesive wound dressing and others Products requirements Surgicatsl Dressing Products 1.Surgical...

Wanted: PE Shoes Cover Machine

Dec 28, 2020
I need PE shoes Cover Machine for my own factory. Please give me good price cnf Karachi Pakistan. I can place order immdieatly.

Wanted: Medical Rubber Finger Cots For TUR Drape

Nov 9, 2018
The application of this item is a component to TUR / Urology Drape. Type of materiala) 100% Natural Rubber, b) Mixed Natural Rubber With Latex Free c) 100% Latex Free This product is with the specification as below:- - Product Diameter: 26mm +/-...

Wanted: Sterile Derma Micro Sculpt Cannula

Jun 7, 2018
6/06/2018 I would like to purchase Sterile Derma Micro Sculpt Cannula: -100 pieces of 50mm, 27g for neck. -100 pieces of 70mm, 22g for buttocks -100 pieces of 70mm, 18g for stomach -200 pieces of 70mm, 25g for arms, back, and outside upper legs....
United States

Wanted: searching for surgical equipment

Mar 24, 2015
I am currently searching for competent company for supply of surgical equipment. contact me for serious business.

Wanted: we need refrubished cautery machine-Valleylab.

Oct 23, 2013
Dear sir Goodmorning..we need refrubished cautery machine-Valleylab.... Pls kindly mail me photo,model NO,with prices....

Wanted: non-sterile surgical blades

Jun 24, 2013
We are looking for the similar product. This blade is used in industry, not for medical.

Wanted: Buy Health and medical supplies

Apr 24, 2013
Requesting F.O.B prices for the following for Michigan. Package Item Description 100/tub Cavity Wipes 100 Gauze Sponges Steril detectable 4x4 100/bx 24bx/cs Gauze Pad Steril l's 2x2 12 Ply Non-Wooven 100/bx 12bk/cs Gauze Pad Steril l's 4x4 12 Ply...

Wanted: medical instruments - tools - devices

Jan 29, 2012
Scalpel Blades - Disposable Safety Scalpel - Disposable Safety Catheter - Disposable Titanium Clips - Single Use Veress Needle - Disposable/Reusable Trocather- Disposable/Reusable

Wanted: Operating light wanted

Aug 1, 2011
now ,we get a order of operating light , double lamps .please send us your catalogue and your best price,delivery time to my email Ruiwong1978(at)gmail(doc)com

Wanted: surgical instruments ----2

May 26, 2011
Foley Catheter Size 10 10 Piece/Packet Foley Catheter size 12 10 Piece/Packet Foley Catheter Size 14 10 Piece/Packet Foley Catheter Size 16 10 Piece/Packet Foley Catheter Size 18 10 Piece/Packet Foley Catheter Size 20 10 Piece/Packet Foley Catheter...