Jan 18, 2024
Hello, I am looking for second hand steel wire rope with a large volume. Thank you

Wanted: GH3039 plate

Nov 20, 2023
We buy the product with following details, please reply to me with the most favorable price and delivery time: 1. Standard Specification: GB/T 14995 2. General information 1)GH 3039 Plate 5*1000*2000 2 Pieces, 160Kg. 2)Thermal treatment : Solution...

Wanted: We buy used rail

Oct 18, 2023
Our company needs the used rails. We are buyers, and the monthly quantity is 300,000-500,000 metric tons. We can sign a long-term contract. If you are interested, please contact us.

Wanted: Steel Bars, Wire Rod, Flat Steel, Angle Steel, H Beams.

Oct 13, 2023
We have demand for Steel Bars, Wire Rod, Flat Steel, Angle Steel, H Beams. Once you can offer such products,kindly feel free to contact us.

Wanted: Development market

Sep 22, 2023
I want to develop any potential market in Korea and other nations. Mateirals steel and related materials Actually, I have a friends in Turkiye, I have worked for shipyard business with my friends He has sent his mateiral list and I replied. Also I...

Wanted: Buy Spent Tungsten Catalyst Containing WO3

Aug 10, 2023
We would like to buy large quantity of Spent Tungsten Catalysts containing WO3 on regular and long term basis.

Wanted: Pipes and fitting

Jul 25, 2023
Please we are looking for supplier in western Europe or Africa to supply this row material

Wanted: Cold rolled steel strips needed, standard DIN 17405, mark RFe60

May 5, 2023
Russian Federation
We are looking for a supplier of cold rolled steel strips, standard DIN 17405, mark RFe60. Size, specification and quantity as below: a) Stripe DIN 17405-RFe60U 1,3 * 16 mm – 3 mt b) Stripe DIN 17405-RFe60U 0,9 * 17 mm – 6 mt c) Stripe DIN...
Russian Federation

Wanted: Pig Iron

Apr 4, 2023
Pig iron, crude iron, contains up to 4–5% carbon, with elements of sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese and in a variety of pallet sizes from 3 kgs to 50 kgs. Serious seller, pls send us your offer.

Wanted: We Buy CHQ WIRE

Nov 3, 2022
Please offer best delivery, AISI 1045 CHQ Wire Rods Shpherodised Annealed Phosphate Coated PP Cloth wrapping Dia 22.00mm 25 ton Dia 25.00mm 25 ton TTL, 50 ton Prices 1) FOB Your port 2) CFR Busan Shipment : earliest Hanmi Resources...

Wanted: All types of Stainless Steel Product (Rejected Material or Scrap)

Sep 19, 2022
We are the buyer of All types of Stainless Steel Metal like SS Coil, SS Rode , SS Pipe ,etc . We are interested to buy a rejected material by company or used material.

Wanted: Secondary Round Bars & Slabs

Aug 13, 2022
1) Secondary Hot Rolled Steel Round Bars (Carbon Steel Grade) Size: dia 100mm or above, Length: 4000mm or above. 2) Secondary Slabs, Size: thickness:175mm ~ 250mm, Width: 1250mm ~ 1970mm, Length: 3000mm ~ 6000mm.

Wanted: we need mild steel plate scrap

Jul 16, 2022
we need a mild steel plate cutting scrap on a regular basis. contact no : 7490976489

Wanted: Purschase

Jun 29, 2022
I am looking for galvanize wire coils gauge 12.75 and 11

Wanted: 1. C40399UK Band-IT strap - 9,53 mm 316 Stainless steel

May 13, 2022
Russian Federation
Please quote best price and lead time for 3 rolls of C40399UK Band-IT strap – 30 Mtr / Roll. 9,53 mm 316 Stainless steel Delivery to Abu Dhabi, UAE
Russian Federation

Wanted: Buy all grades of Stainless Steel Scrap 200s, 300s, 400s

May 2, 2022
To whom concerned, We are a big stainless steel manufacturer and serious buyer in China and need to buy any grades of Stainless steel scrap 200s, 300s, 400s in large quantity yearly. If you have in stock with good quality and competitive price,...

Wanted: Wanted Secondary grade steel materials like GL (AFP), PPGI/PPGL, GI,

Feb 13, 2022
Urgently we want to buy all kinds Secondary grade steel materials like GL (AFP), PPGI/PPGL, GI, Checkered Plate, EG, HR Plate, Baby coil, CR coil ect more than 50 years. If available, please send us the offer with details packing list, pictures...

Wanted: Building Material UL1242 / ANSI C80.6 Electrical Intermediate Metal Conduit-steel

Sep 5, 2021
Dear supplier, Can you send me more information about your Building Material UL1242 / ANSI C80.6 Electrical? Best regards, Bernard Gates

Wanted: Iron wedge gate valve AWWA C515 UL/FM certified

Sep 5, 2021
I urgently want to buy AWWA C515 ductile iron gate valve 25 tons per month. Pls search from bing and download the technical requirements. Best regards Duan

Wanted: Used Rail Wanted

Aug 11, 2021
Hong Kong
We directly represent buyers in China and one of our clients is currently looking for a long-term partnership with suppliers for 50,000 - 100,000 tons of Used Rail per month. Please can you provide prices for CIF China? You can also reach me at...
Hong Kong