Sliced Herbal Medicine

Wanted: Herbal Medicine

Feb 1, 2022
Dear Supplier. My name Is Stan Prish, Chief Operating Officer. I represent SB Brands Group, LLC. We are a United States Lean Startup Ecommerce company. We recently came across your products and are interested to learn more about your services. We...
United States

Wanted: Request for herbal of Benzoinum,Styrax,Olibanum,Myrrha

Jan 27, 2022
ORDER LIST 1/Storax;Storax is the purified balsam obtained from the trunk of Liquidambar orientalis Mill. 2/Myrrha;Myrrh is the dried resin collected from the trunk of Commiphora myrrha Engl.or Commiphora molmol Engl. 3/Olibanum;Olibanum is the...
Hong Kong

Wanted: Korean Ginseng,Red Ginseng,wild ginseng,ginseng

Oct 29, 2020
Korean ginseng wild ginseng Whtsap:+8615144557770 Changbai Mountain particularly those in need.We are farmers in Changbai Mountain. If you need wild ginseng, please contact us.

Wanted: Xiushentang

Mar 1, 2019
I would like to purchase Xiushentang
United States

Wanted: Inquiry for Licorice seeds

Sep 3, 2018
We are ordering licorice seeds. Please send us your product information to us.

Wanted: Tiger balm 30gr

Jul 1, 2018
Dear sirs, Could you please send us quotation of the following: -Tiger Balm (please 30gr) -Quantity of:10000.pcs. (ten thousand).FOB. Best regards, MR BANI MOUN

Wanted: Purchase red deer antler from Spain

Apr 24, 2017
we are herb distributor in China. we need large quantities of red deer antlers from Spain. Pl contact us asap.
Hong Kong

Wanted: round shaped slice slicing machine

Dec 2, 2016
Nice to meet you. My name is Henry. Our company is looking for the machine as shown in the above pic. We will tie the licorice or ginseng into 6cm diameter with rubber (about 15-20 stick) and slice it together. The machine would need to separate...

Wanted: adrafinil

Nov 12, 2015
I'm looking to buy or acquire free a sample of adrafinil or any analogues of it as well as etherium gold. I would like to start with a sample to assure quality and to establish a business relationship.
United States

Wanted: buy Moringa oleifera leaf

Mar 10, 2015
we are looking for moringa oleifera dry leaf, sincere supplie please contact for possible business . thanks lemon shi eternal trading co., ltd

Wanted: YongGang

Jan 31, 2014
I need 12 packs of YongGang male sex enhancement herbs. The exact brand shown on attached image (With Arabic Wiriting). I need to know total cost including shipping to my country Saudi Arabia. I also need to know how long it takes to ship to me....
Saudi Arabia

Wanted: bitter gourd for diabetic treatment

Aug 27, 2013
Dear Sirs, This firm located in busan, Korea. we are looking for bitter gourd as shown the above image. In order to cure of diabet it should be cut and dried, packed vynile bag in vaccume. If you are interested in this business, Please contact us...

Wanted: Kratom.

Aug 14, 2013
Is there anyone who sells KRATOM ? Thanks.

Wanted: Looking for the following products

Mar 4, 2013
Dear Sir or Madam. We are at the moment seeking the below listed products to import into Canada. We currently sell these products through a chain of specialized stores (retail with some wholesale) and are looking to expand and distribute...

Wanted: Need anti-cancer medicines

Dec 20, 2012
I need anti-cancer medicines based on herbal contains only.Please forward specification of products to discuss further.