Regulation of Blood System

Wanted: Buys Blood Bank Refrigerators

Jun 30, 2023
United Arab Emirates
We are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of Blood Bank Refrigerators with specifications of Capacity: 425 Liters Blood Bank Capacity: 325 Bags Tempeature range: 4°C to 6°C Material: Stainless Steel External Diemension: (HxWxD): 1980 x 595 x...
United Arab Emirates

Wanted: Hemoderivatives

Feb 16, 2015
Please send me an offer from the following hemoderivatives: FACTOR VIII 250 IU CONCENTRATE FACTOR VIII - von Willebrand Factor 250-500 IU / 400-1300 FACTOR IX 500 IU HUMAN ALBUMIN 20% - 50 ML HUMAN IMMUNE GLOBULIN 5% - 100 ML