Wanted: Fridges TVs Washing Machines

Sep 26, 2022
We need to buy huge qty's of home appliances for U.A.E. : 1. LED TV's 2. Washing machines ; 3. Refrigerators ; Kindly contact us without delays. Thanks ...
Hong Kong

Wanted: refrigerator, fridge

Nov 21, 2011
we need long term suppliers for hoursehold appliances, TV, air conditioner, induction cooker, electric oven, electric welder, inverter welder, power supply, charger. electronic components include resistor,capacitor,connector,inductor,inverter,...

Wanted: refrigerator

Sep 12, 2011
we are looking for brand name regrigerators Hitachi, Toshiba and Sharp if any company can supply these brand please contact us by e-mail
Hong Kong