Wanted: looking for Shuttle Kiln

Oct 31, 2019
We are looking for Shuttle Kiln of 1650 degree celcius having a Max cap of 20 meter cube for firing refractories. If you can offer Please offer with complete details like make age pictures & price etc.. Email -

Wanted: Fireclay Brick

Sep 18, 2014
Al2O3-SiC-C Bricks are universal materials for the lining of molten pretreatment equipments of molten iron tank, torpedo car, etc. The products are shaped by machine power by using dense bauxite clinker and brown fused alumina as base materials and...

Wanted: Hydrolic Press Machine

Aug 2, 2014
We want to buy immediately Hydraulic Machine for Manufacturing Bottom Pouring Sets with die of given shape and size. Request to send your offer on FOR Alwar (Rajasthan) with commissioning. Your best offer with early delivery will be highly...

Wanted: Alumina Substrate/ High Alumina Products

Feb 19, 2013
We are interested to buy on a regular basis Waste(rejected) Alumina Substrates in any size/shape/thickness. Also, we want to buy Rejected High Alumina rejects having Al2O3 ranging from 85%--95%. Our requirement will be around 50MT/Month.of each...

Wanted: looking for refractory castable

Jan 30, 2013
This is Candy from China. Currently we are looking for refractory castables (alumina silicon based) for cement kilns, required quantity 24 tons. If you can supply this, please send your detailed specifications, quote your best price CIF Shanghai....

Wanted: Raming mass to fill in gaps betweeen copper cooling staves

Aug 31, 2011
We need large quantity following materials from Korea: 1.Torcrete concrete: product type:Alumina silica product(regular castable) Al2o3 51% Sio2 39% Cao 6.9% Fe2o3 1.1% 2.selfhardening liquid refractory mass product type:Alumina silica...