Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Wanted: Good quality prednisolone acetate//52-21-1 CAS NO.52-21-1

Jun 8, 2015
Quick Details ProName: Good quality prednisolone acetate//52-...CasNo: 52-21-1Appearance: White crystalline powder Application: Applicable to rheumatoid arthritis, rh...DeliveryTime: Within 7-10 days PackAge: 25kg/drumPort:...

Wanted: Human Growth Hormone

May 22, 2015
Wanting to purchase Human Growth Hormone in bulk. Jintropin or another brand. It must be good quality and test correctly..
United States

Wanted: Search for plant experiments phenethylamines type 2C-X Do-X ...

Jan 16, 2015
Dear supplier I am a very serious French buyer who knows very well the chemicals you offer. I am looking for phenethylamines within the framework of studies on cellular responsiveness plants. I manage the company Naturaves SRI. I would first search...

Wanted: benzocaine

Jan 15, 2015
we are a uk company that is looking to start buying high quality pharmaceutical intermediates. Are main products will be anesthetics i am looking for a long term partner not an over night company to work with i will need prices on 25kg drums of...
United Kingdom

Wanted: zinc arginate

Nov 13, 2014
Please give rate , availability and specfn of Zinc Arginate required for our new neutraceutical supplement

Wanted: CREBBP focused library from OTAVA

Oct 31, 2014
CREB-binding protein (CREBBP, CBP) is a transcriptional coactivator of a broad range of transcription factors. CBP provides a platform for the assembly of enhanceosomes consisting of a numerous DNA-binding proteins that position the complex in a...


Oct 19, 2014
My Dear Friend, Ni hao! We are looking forward for a Reputed Manufacturer of HUMAN IMUUNOGLOBULIN 25mg Injecction! Kindly Contact us with your various Dosage Forms along with Specifications. Also your best CIF CHENNAI,INDIA Price along with MOQ! It...

Wanted: Metrifonate

Sep 4, 2014
Hi, We are looking for metrifonate (triclorfon) in any presentation of pharmaceutical grade for human use. If you have pills of 100mg we want 300 of them. Please, send us prices shipment included to Spain. Regards. PD: Please, put us in contact...

Wanted: purchase API

Aug 28, 2014
1. Dydrogesterone 152-62-5 2. Norethisterone 3836-23-5 3. Estradiol Valerate 979-32-8 4. Mesterolone 171599-83-0 5. Danazol, 17230-885 6. Ethinyloestradiol 7. Gestodene, 60282-87-3 8. Oestradiol Valerate 979-32-8 9. Cyproterone Acetate 427-51-0

Wanted: Scammony Resin

Jul 22, 2014
Dear sir, We are buyer of Scammony resin from china, we need about 200kg each month, ether extract>60%, if you can supply the quality goods, pls contact with us immediately. With best regards! Wenbin Tang

Wanted: Hot sale Canagliflozin 842133-18-0 with reasonable price 86 15250992527

Jul 14, 2014
Specifications Product name:Canagliflozin Molecular Formula: C24H25FO5S Molecular Weight: 444.52 CAS NO:842133-18-0 Aikon International Limited specialize in manufacturing (APIs)active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, reagents and various...

Wanted: looking for 100 percent legal research chemicals with samples first

Jun 13, 2014
looking for 100 percent legal research chemicals with samples first will pay for samples no cathinones needs to be able to pass customs one way or another will discus further with you
United States


Apr 26, 2014
Aarog BioTech Pvt Ltd is committed to ethically import and become a bridge for the best of critical-care pharmaceutical products to medical and healthcare consumers in India from the most innovative companies abroad. We have the knowledge and...

Wanted: We need API

Apr 23, 2014
We recently need the API as follows: 1. Famotidine (CP) Quantity: 20KG per month 2.Ligustrazine (CP) Quantity: 10KG per month If you can supply it,Pls contact me soonest. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Wanted: Diethyl Carbamazine Tablet IP 100mg

Dec 1, 2013
Diethyl Carbamazine Tablet IP 100MG Wanted. Manufacturers send quote and copies of Quality certificates.

Wanted: erythropoietin and testosterone

Nov 26, 2013
I wish to purchase two erythropoietin kits with 5vials each with 3000 iu. I also wish to purchase testosterone cypionate.
United States

Wanted: Organic Maca raw powder

Nov 25, 2013
Energy and endurance booster: Maca does not contain caffeine, but it's high in energy producing B vitamins, so you can skip your coffee. Maca is also a really good vegan source of vitamin B12. -Healthy hormones: Maca supports a healthy endocrine...

Wanted: Levitra - Vardenafil

Oct 2, 2013
I need a quote for a first small order of 100g vardenafil (Levitra) Thank you

Wanted: Anti-tuberculosis

Jun 25, 2013
RIFAMPICIN 150 mg + ISONIAZID 75 mg + PYRAZINAMIDE 400 mg 120tablets/box and 60boxes/carton, RIFAMPICIN 150 mg + ISONIAZID 75 mg + PYRAZINAMIDE 400 mg + ETHAMBUTOL 275 mg 120tablets/box & 60boxes/carton & RIFAMPICIN 120 mg + ISONIAZID 80 mg +...