Wanted: Tyre Cord scrap

Feb 3, 2015
We want to buy Tyre Cord scrap. 1. Commodity: Tyre Friction Fabric Waste 2. Type: PA(Nylon) and Polyester 3.Grade : Off grade or B,C grade 4. Quantity: large quantity 5. Price: CNF Pakistan Main port. Look forward to receiving your reply as soon as...

Wanted: We buy PA6.6, PE ant other plastic scrap

Jan 31, 2011
We are constantly interested in different plastics scraps (like Nylon (polyamide PA6, PA66, etc.), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene),PC and other in various forms as fiber/yarn, film, used fish nets and production scrap (off-cuts), textile...

Wanted: Nylon 6

Dec 3, 2010
Multiform Chemicals Ltd is the leading chemical trading organization in Sri Lanka. And we are looking for a good reliable supplier of Nylon 6 and polypropylene impact copolymer for our customers. If you have any of these products kindly contact me....
Sri Lanka