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Wanted: Playstation 3, ps3 US Version 60gb

Dec 1, 2006
Looking for a supplier of the playstation 3, 60 gig US version. Will only pay by COD or fly and buy. Do not contact unless you are a real supplier, and can meet those requirements!
United States

Wanted: Playstation 3 60GB NTSC Format for USA and Canada

Dec 1, 2006
I need to buy bulk of Playstation 3 60GB NTSC Format For USA and Canada. I will only make payment through COD using any shipping company of you choice. If you are a scammer please dont bother contacting me. I'm a real buyer so I need a real seller....
United States

Wanted: ps3 console and games/ playstation 3 games and consoles

Nov 20, 2006
Looking for ps3 / playstation 3 games and console pls send me company information that will prove legality and legitimacy of company must have had previous transactions in the philippines

Wanted: Looking to buy PS3 US NTSC Version 10-100+ units

Nov 12, 2006
I am looking to buy the Sony PS3 US Version NTSC. Looking for a legit supplier or wholesaler. You must be able to prove that you are legit and must have paper work. Secure payment options required. I prefer Escrow or Bank Letter followed by Paypal,...
United States

Wanted: UK electronic Dropship company wanted

Oct 8, 2006
I am looking for companies offering Drop shipping from within the UK (so no import taxes or duties to pay) of electronic items, such as iPods, xbox's and such like. I am looking to use in the near future. Could you possibly send me a price list...
United Kingdom


Sep 28, 2006
Hi, we are a new company from Canada who are looking for suppliers of real iPod, real SONY PSP and real DS LITE. We dont want PSP like music player or Fake iPod. You must provide a fraud-free payment methods. Thnks a lot!!

Wanted: Need Sony PS2, PSP and PS3

Sep 19, 2006
Serious buyer seeking honest-reliable supplier of Sony Playstation. I need US and Euro versions of all Playstation Models. I have no interest in PRs. Physical stock only. Suppliers from Nigeria, Indonesia and Putian Province, China need not...
United States

Wanted: Buy XBOX 360 Bundles Looking for 10 to Start

Sep 15, 2006
Reputable buyer, that you can reach via phone, fax, or drive to his office would like to purchase xbox 360 premium bundles. I will not wire thousands of dollars to Indonesia and pray for my product. I will pay via a secure method... PayPal is not...
United States

Wanted: Apple iPod (Genuine)

Aug 16, 2006
Looking for 4GB iPod Nanos with the following specificiations: - Supported Digital Audio Standards AAC, AIFF, MP3, MP3 VBR, WAV - Size of Display 1.5 inch - Display Features Playlist / Table of Contents - Digital Storage Media 4.1 GB (Built-in...
United States

Wanted: want to buy playstation 3

Jul 10, 2006
Dear sir, We are looking to purchase Sony playstation 3 games consoles + games. Please contact with details.
United Kingdom

Wanted: want to buy videogames and videogame consoles

Jun 23, 2006
Dear Sir, I am looking for trusted and verified suppliers of xbox360, psp and ps2 consoLES. I am also looking for a supplier for videogames for all of these consoles. I would like it if they accepted paypal, escrow or a safer method of payment. I...
United States

Wanted: want to buy Xbox

Jun 2, 2006
Dear sir, I want to buy Xbox 360 at wholesale price and I am looking for an honest supplier willing to use paypal or escrow for payment.
United States

Wanted: Buy Electronics

May 26, 2006
I am a very serious buyer looking to purchase new XBOX 360's, Apple Ipods, Mobile Phones (unlocked), and other electronics. I am only interested in doing business with a company that accepts payment through escrow. If you do not accept payment...
United States


May 23, 2006
To Whom It May Concern: We're electronic products importer, looking for large electronic products wholesalers from China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy, and United States. We're looking for electronic products at "wholesale prices". Preferrably...
United States

Wanted: Looking for supplier of sony psp, ps3, XBOX360 console.

May 19, 2006
Hello my name is wayne my company is Impulse Designer Outlet i am looking for a genuine company to buy Apple ipods 30 & 60gb, sony psp, sony palystation 3 & Xbox360 consoles from, We are a company that can buy 50 to 100plc every two weeks but we...
United Kingdom

Wanted: want to buy Vinyl chess boards

May 16, 2006
Dear sir, I'm looking for info on Vinyl Chess Boards not to exceed 17"x17" square.
United States

Wanted: I Need Premium Xbox 360's

May 9, 2006
I need xbox 360 premiums, i would like to start with 10 to 20, then if that goes well I would be doing 20 to 30 a month
United States

Wanted: want to buy xbox 360 , psp and ps3

May 8, 2006
Dear sir, I wnt to buy 2 xbox 360, 2 psp, 1 ps3 .

Wanted: XBOX 360

Apr 23, 2006
I am looking for an xbox 360 wholesale distributor willing to do drop shipping please send your email with a price list, order and payment information.
United States

Wanted: Buy Xbox 360 premium/mobile phones/Ipods

Apr 12, 2006
I am looking for a legitimate supplier of Xbox 360 Premium Bundles, UNLOCKED SIM FREE BRAND NEW Mobile phones, Ipods (all models). If you have reasonable prices, your company is easily verified and you accept other payment methods (NOT WESTERN...