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Wanted: Need iPhone 3Gs 32GB

Dec 11, 2009
I am looking for some iPhone 3Gs 32GB phones. They need to be genuine and authentic from Apple. I will be paying by PayPal. Please send me your price, and delivery time. Thank you!
United States

Wanted: Authentic PS3 Slim and PSP Go consoles

Nov 19, 2009
I am an online seller from Australia, looking to buy real authentic PSP Go and PS3 slim 120GB consoles from an honest seller. Seller needs to accept paypal payments or Escrow for small or large orders. If you are a genuine and honest seller who...

Wanted: supply

Nov 17, 2009
I am looking for a quality consumer electronics supplier who accepts paypal. If you do not accept paypal for any size order DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS BECAUSE I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. I will not deal with some of the Western Union thieves. I am...
South Africa

Wanted: I can purchase with paypal. Looking to buy original products. I dont buy copy items. Electronics

Oct 24, 2009
I can purchase with paypal. Looking to buy original products. I dont send money with wu/t/t or moneygram. I dont buy copy items. What is your msn? Add me on msn: aznkphk7 at I can buy electronics.
United States

Wanted: PS3 PS2 XBOX 360 Console and Games USB FLASH

Oct 19, 2009
HI, I need serious suppliers and has retail stores to visit in Shanghai. I'm going to China on 11/01/09 to purchase good quantity of products listed below: Please answer only if your plant is solid and real, will close the deal in china. All...

Wanted: PS3 videogames

Oct 19, 2009
We are a small romanian company and we are interested to distribute PS3 games to romanian market.Please contact us if you are provider of such games, interested in having a direct distributor or importator for romanian market and please send us...

Wanted: Game Console - Playstation 3, Nintendo and Xbox

Oct 18, 2009
We are looking for Game Consoles including Playstations 1, 2, and 3 (all versions) as well as PSP, Nintendo Wii and DS Lite and all versions of XBox. Please note that I am only interested in the orignal product. I am looking for a supplier who can...

Wanted: TV LCD HD Screen Up 32...Also, Game Console Like PS3, PSP, Wii (Only Paypal, Escro or COD)

Oct 16, 2009
We are a Dominican Republi Trader...interested on TV LCD HD with screen size since 32 to 55". Also, game consoles like PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, NDSL and NDSi. Please, send us price for Samples. Thanks Best Regards Eliseo Andujar
Dominican Republic

Wanted: Game Consoles ie. PSP Go etc... Sellers who use Paypal

Oct 14, 2009
Dear all im a small company thats just started up but am expecting to grow really quickly. Now what im looking for is electrics such as Game Consoles: PSP Go, PS3's, Xbox360. Mobiles, Car amplifiers.etc... Now due to being robbed of my funds by to...
United Kingdom

Wanted: Eletronics Wanted

Sep 21, 2009
Im from brazil and looking for ps3 games and consoles, look to for eletronics like lcd tv, mobile phones.

Wanted: Playstation 3 slim 120gb PAL

Aug 27, 2009
Please send units prices, delivery information, pallet size. 1000 units per year
United Kingdom

Wanted: second hand bowling equipments

Aug 19, 2009
we are dealing with the bowling for years and we are searching the secondhand bowling equipments , like the back end motor , the lower track cover, ball return and so on.

Wanted: BUY Nintendo WII PAL Europe

Aug 4, 2009
Hello I am interested on buy nintendo WII and wiifit. Payment by Paypal Interested contact me at msn: phonepedro best Regards

Wanted: Nintendo DSI

Jul 31, 2009
Nintendo DSI ,Games to suit DSI, Accessories to suit DSI. Supplier must have full certification and be a verified seller. This will be a ongoing and increasing buyer with opportunities to supply additional type game consoles with associated games...

Wanted: game player xbox ps3 wii money booker

Jul 30, 2009
hi, will place large order, ps3 xbox wii money booker or trade mall? philip walz

Wanted: PSP and Nitendo DS lite

Jul 30, 2009
I'm interested in buying PSP and nitendo DS consoles. Please contact me if you can supply> best regards
United States

Wanted: Apple Ipod Touch

Jun 30, 2009
I am looking for a supplier that accepts paypal,escrow, or L/C. I want 100% authentic Apple Ipods Touch. If you are a supplier please contact me so we can start doing Business.
United States

Wanted: ps3 + accessories

Jun 29, 2009
Hi, I am a company based in ENGLAND UK. i am looking for a supplier of video games for me. i need about 1000 - 2000 games for ps3/xbox360nintendo wii monthly (maybe more) + game players. As I will be selling to the UK market I will only require...
United Kingdom


Jun 20, 2009
United States