Minerals & Metallurgy

Wanted: Cast iron chips

Jul 21, 2022
We are a regular buyer of cast iron materials such as chips or shavings. Our yard and port of destination is Rotterdam, but we buy on FOB basis as well if the volumes is larger than 10,000mt.

Wanted: Iron ore pellets

Jun 30, 2022
We are seller and importer to the European markets in bulk on basis FOB or CIF ARA with volumes of min 30,000mt. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO INTERMEDIATES AND GMAI ACCOUNTS, BUT ACTUAL OWNERS OF MATERIAL ONLY PLEASE

Wanted: Sinterfeed

Jun 30, 2022
We are a Germany based company specialized in sinterfeed materials for blast furnace operations in Western Europe. Preferred ports are Antwerp and Rotterdam with own consignment stock operations. We are looking for high Fe and/or FeMet with low...

Wanted: Copper ore

Jun 30, 2022
Since we had to close down our copper mine in Columbia due to COVID restrictions, we are in need of material for our existing customer base. Please offer volumes from 100mt per month. We got our own inspection team for verification of new sources.

Wanted: DRI- or iron pellet or HBI fines

Jun 30, 2022
For our blending facility in Rotterdam we are currently looking for additional iron containing materials.