Metal Scrap

Wanted: Buy used Rail(0.5m)_5000MT per month x13month at 335$ per MT Include 20$ per MT with

Jun 9, 2022
we are looking for the Used rail(0.5m) of 5KMT per month x 12month at 335$ per MT included 20$ per MT of buyer side commission with its payment terms of LC at Chia destination Port throgh Bank to Bank(MT799). if any seller can meet to sale, Hope to...

Wanted: Buy Al UBC Scrap(Al Can )

Dec 19, 2021
if you can sale the ALUMINUM UBC SCRAPS(99.9%) at 410USD per MT CIF Romania along with your past records of the BLs and Inspection report with its payment terms of the DLC 100% at sight or D/A, hope to get your confirmed the Price and payment terms...

Wanted: Buy the Used Rail(R-50 and R 65) and HMS1&2

Dec 19, 2021
we need your soft offers of sellers with each past records of the BLs and Inspection reports and some phototos 1) the Used Rail(lenth: 1.2m~1.5m)( Q'ty permonth: 50000MT per Month~100,000MT per month X12month , Unit Price at 230~230USD per MT CIF...

Wanted: Buy used Rail_300KMT per month x12month x5 year at 200 $per MT Include 12$ per MT with

Dec 19, 2021
we are looking for the used Rail(not cut) of 300KMT per month X 12month x5 year at 200USD per MT CIF Included 12$ per MT China Port with TT(MT103) at China Port and also looking for the Used Rail(cut 1.5m) of 10000MT(min) ~300,000MT per month X...