Wanted: Biometric Devices in India

Sep 27, 2010
We would like to associate with manufacturers and suppliers of Thumbprint Readers, Fingerprint Door Locks, Iris scanner, Access Control/ Monitoring Software, Attendence Software (Biometric) & API Library for creation of Custom softwares based on...

Wanted: Lobster Trap

Oct 28, 2009
Reuseable sea water Lobster Trap

Wanted: OEM Mannequin Head And Bust Display

Apr 6, 2007
Our company is based in the USA. We are developing a new line of OEM mannequin head and bust display. We are looking for a mannequin or forms manufacturer who would be able to develop and manufacture our new line of mannequin head and bust display....
United States

Wanted: Mannequins needed

Jun 20, 2006
We are looking for manufacturers of mannequins.
Hong Kong

Wanted: Want To Buy oil/gas tanker 10000 tons

May 24, 2006
Dear sir, Emergenccy! I'm looking to buy used oil/gas tanker about 10000 tons and about 10 years old. Answer your e-mail no late than 24h. Thanks
United States

Wanted: want to buy mobiles

May 15, 2006
Dear sir, I am interested in purchasing the n 91 handset. I need 5 to 10 units depending on the cost. If any one can provide me its the same. Pl contact me . regards, karan dsouza

Wanted: Want to buy Plasma and LCD TV

Feb 2, 2006
Dear Sir, Looking for a supplier of Plasma and LCD TV's .i will buy a samlpe please e-mail with price lists and models.
United States

Wanted: UV Meter for optical laboratory and stores

Aug 23, 2004
We are looking for a UV meter that measure UV transmission through opical lenses for use in optical stores and laboratories. It should also have a visible light maesurement.

Wanted: educational eqipments

Jul 28, 2001
1-gsm mobile trainer system 2-digital satellite trainer system 3-fax mile trainer system 4-basic communication trainer system 5-telephone trainer system analogue and digital 6-sutdent radio kits 6-industrial powe electronics trainer transucer and...

Wanted: Lint Remover of Seiko & National brand

Apr 7, 2001
Dear Sirs, We are now looking for Seiko and Nationalbrand Lint Remover. (Seiko : KS 64 National: ER 857 ) If you are able to offer us, please contact to us. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, J. J. Lee