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Wanted: Elastomer TPR granulator

Jul 13, 2015
TPE varieties are: department of styrene (S - TPE 'S), the department of copolyesters (COPE' S), polyurethane (TPU 'S), polyamide (PEBA' S), polyolefin blend (TPO 'S), polyolefin alloy (TPV' S). In fact, the type of TPE is varied, according to the...

Wanted: Thermoplastic elastomer peletizer

Jul 13, 2015
hermoplastic elastomer also known as Thermoplastic rubber , is a kind of both rubber and Thermoplastic properties, at room temperature shows high elastic rubber, high temperature and plasticizing of polymer materials.Is the so-called after natural...

Wanted: Supply Color masterbatch granulator

Jul 13, 2015
The structure of the plastic is made up of many linear, long and thin polymer aggregation, in accordance with the molecules into the degree of formal arrangement, known as the degree of crystallization (crystallinity), and the crystallization...

Wanted: Cone double sheet extrusion machine

Jun 30, 2015
H is threaded screw groove depth the difference of the outer radius on root radius.According to the requirement of the compression ratio, the feeding section of the groove depth is greater than fused segment, melting section of the groove depth is...