Laptop Adapter

Wanted: USB-C USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI Full HD 1080P Digital Cable Adapter For TV Monitor Projector

Apr 5, 2016
USB-C Type C USB 3.1 Male to HDMI 1080P Adapter Cable for Macbook & Laptop Type C connector is the new design for USB 3.1 Reversible Design for Type C connector Reversible plug orientation & Cable direction Supports SuperSpeed USB 3.1 at 5 Gbps,...

Wanted: Replacement Sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery 10400mAh 12Cell Black and Silver

Jun 1, 2011
SONY VGP-BPS9/S Battery "Original and Replacement Sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery, 6cell-12cell Sony VGP-BPS9/S Laptop Battery Power For VGP-BPS9/S VGP-BPS9 VGP-BPL9!" Battery Capacity : 10400mAh Battery Voltage : 11.1V Battery Type : Li-ion Battery Color...