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Wanted: Luminous cobblestone

Jul 11, 2016
Product Name: Luminous Stone Product shape: irregular oval particles, natural texture, shape and size vary, can process customized. Material: natural stone powder, light powder, resin, synthetic materials, natural stone texture and consistent! Can...

Wanted: Household White Candles

Oct 2, 2014
We have interest on below: Product: White Household Candles Packing: 8pcs x65cellophane/ctn Weight: 30gr Size: 17.5cm Net WT per Carton: 15.5kgs Dimension: 42x31x17.5 Remarks: 1) Pure white color 2) Long burning time 3) Long storage period Kindly...

Wanted: Buy Red and White Candles

Jul 15, 2014
Wanted: White and red candles with the following characteristics: dimension: 1.8 cm diameter weight 35 gramms Packaging: 35 pieces per package quantity needed: 1 ton Please send your lowest possible CIF price. We look forward to your soonest reply....
United States

Wanted: beautiful natural stone

Jun 7, 2013
We need beautiful natural stone for making status.If you have the material,pls send your email address to my cell phone (0086-13960 8235 00).I will contact you and show you what kind of natural stone we are interested in. Thanks!


Jan 28, 2011
we are looking for the manufacturer of MAGNECITE BRICKS(FOR INDUCTION FURNACE LINING HEAT RESISTANCE 1700-1800 DEC).we are looking for the regular supplier. if you are interested please contact us with cnf chittagong price with details packing.

Wanted: buy natural loofah

Nov 13, 2010
I am interested in purchasing of Natural Loofah and would wish to deal with reliable suppliers. Can you please give me quote about it?

Wanted: ready frames for mirroirs from wooden

Oct 26, 2010
we interest only whit ready frames for mirroirs from wooden not pu. we want absolutly catalogue and samples .we dont interest whit photos. we can interest whit all about frame and framing sector but we need real samples.

Wanted: Polystyrene frame moulding

Oct 15, 2010
We require plastic frame mouldings urgently. Thickness to be 3.5". Material is polystyrene. Please contact us if you can supply this.

Wanted: glass bottles

Sep 21, 2010
i need glass bottle , merasca modle, useing for oil, 100 ml. please inform me a.s.a.p.

Wanted: inquire for porcelain tile

Sep 2, 2010
We are an export & import company based in Shanghai who are responsible for purchasing for various products to South America and African countries. We now have Clients who are intended to import 30 x 30 porcelain tile Please check and offer us the...

Wanted: Monetization

Aug 30, 2010
We can monetize in-ground Gold and most out of ground precious metals and gems. Also, Art. We can also monetize most Bank Instruments with non-recorese loans. The highest LTV's are on MTN's, BG's and T-Bills/T-Strips. The higher ranked the bank,...
United States

Wanted: buy lining mixture Alumina-Magnesia spinel

Aug 30, 2010
Dear sir or madam we are searching the product for our customer,if you can provide this product ,pls quote us your best price. Material : lining mixture Alumina-Magnesia spinel, ramming type Application :lining of induction furnaces bodies of 3 ton...


Aug 17, 2010

Wanted: art works from ireland

Aug 2, 2010
original painting of the alcock and brown painting 20x30 ins price 450euros

Wanted: SAGGER

Apr 11, 2010
We are looking for Sagger box which in size of 250x250x110, 280x280x120, 300x300x130 or similar size of these. Max temperature is 1,250centigrade. We'll place an order by big quanitity if the quality and requirements are meet our use. Best Regards,...

Wanted: Refractories

Apr 8, 2010
We are interested to buy in bulk quantities and on a regular basis Spent/Used High Dense Chrome Bricks and Spent/ Used Chrome Corrundum Bricks. Interested parties may contact us with details. Regards. ASHOK MEHTA

Wanted: ceramic tile

Apr 5, 2010
looking for ceramic tile supplier laser cut edge ceramic floor 25x25cm wall 30x45cm qty 10000m2