Health & Medical

Wanted: To Buy Medical Gloves

Oct 4, 2022
Dear Sir, Looking for a serious suppliers of all types of MEDICAL EXAMINATION GLOVES in large quantity. Advice terms and conditions regarding the using of private labels or we need the product under your company brand. and the payment system....

Wanted: Purchase of PPE and Medical Equipment

Oct 1, 2022
Hello, We have a request of COVID-19 ANTIGEN TEST KIT, BLOOD TEST COLLECTION TUBE AND BLOOD INFUSION SET all in quantity of 50 million Pcs each. Capable supplier should contact us with their offer as soon as possible.
United Kingdom

Wanted: Urine free radical test strip, reagent or ampule

Sep 29, 2022
I am looking for free radical test strip or reagent for HOME test usage. many thanks!

Wanted: metal detectable first aid plasters

Sep 28, 2022
I am interested in engaging with manufacturers of metal detectable and x-ray detectable first aid plaster products. Please get in touch so we can start a discussion
United Kingdom

Wanted: Sex Enhancement/Research Chemicals Inquire

Sep 12, 2022
We are looking for sample orders on the best product for ongoing wholesale business. Must Accept PayPal for the first couple of orders, then we can pay with Crypto. Must prove to us you are legitimate in the beginning. Please be patient with us...
United States

Wanted: Korean Premium Black Ginseng

Aug 16, 2022
Hi, I'm adrian. Our company is dealing with Korean Premium Black Ginseng. All Ginseng are solely own by our Korean Parents company. We have various types of Ginsengs that are grown by us in Korea. We do not purchase and Ginseng from other Country....

Wanted: Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer CD

Aug 14, 2022
Hello, I'm from Peru. I lost the "Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer" CD. Can you send a download link or do I have to buy? Greetings, Carlos Becerra

Wanted: Diagnostic Equipment

Jul 11, 2022
Dear Sir, We are looking for a serious and reliable suppliers of DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENTS, such as MONKEYPOX PCR TEST KITS, HIV TEST KITS, COVID19 Antigen Rapid Test that can supply us in large quantity please send your details offer quotation and...

Wanted: 50pcs CU(Korea) CUHD1 Defibrillators

May 16, 2022
Dear Sir/Madam, We are a group of companies located in Istanbul,established on 1993 and supplier company of United Nations and International NGOs for relief. We need FOB price for 50pcs of CU(Korea) CUHD1 Defibrillators? Thank you in advance for...

Wanted: Looking for Equipments to kill virus & germs in the air

Apr 18, 2022
Who can provide Equipments to kill virus & germs in the air? Looking for mobile sprayers can be used for disinfecting areas that have been exposed to COVID-19 germs or may be at risk of this virus. SO we can use these sprayers to keep turf COVID-19...

Wanted: Need Rutin from Vietnam

Mar 31, 2022
Need Rutin with high quality. Contact us if you can provide.

Wanted: Want to buy real Jintropin

Feb 26, 2022
I would like to buy original and real HGH. Can you let me know prices and shipping to Bahrain

Wanted: Testosterone powder

Feb 11, 2022
I need testosterone raw powders and others
United States

Wanted: Herbal Medicine

Feb 1, 2022
Dear Supplier. My name Is Stan Prish, Chief Operating Officer. I represent SB Brands Group, LLC. We are a United States Lean Startup Ecommerce company. We recently came across your products and are interested to learn more about your services. We...
United States

Wanted: Request for herbal of Benzoinum,Styrax,Olibanum,Myrrha

Jan 27, 2022
ORDER LIST 1/Storax;Storax is the purified balsam obtained from the trunk of Liquidambar orientalis Mill. 2/Myrrha;Myrrh is the dried resin collected from the trunk of Commiphora myrrha Engl.or Commiphora molmol Engl. 3/Olibanum;Olibanum is the...
Hong Kong

Wanted: Buy Nitrile Gloves

Jul 26, 2021
Hi, We would like to import for Cranberry Evolve-300: Q'ty : 2M Box/Month x 12 Delivery : 1st Delivery- within 10days after received our Irr. Non-Transferable LC and Pay by Wire 100% TT after received SGS & House Bill of Lading or Cargo Receipt...
United States

Wanted: Medical wear

Jun 15, 2021
Dear Sir, We would like buy your disposable protective workwear. Please provide us your price and specifications.
United States