Fire Extinguisher Powder

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Supply Offer.

Dear Sir/Madam, An offer exist for the supply of your products to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) here in Ghana on contract basis. The products needed urgently are as stated below: 1. Hospital bed sheets 2. Tractors/Lawn...

Fire Extinguishers

Dear Sirs, We have a requirement for following Fire Extinguishers:- 200 Pcs DCP BC 82% 4Kg 400 Pcs DCP BC 82% 6Kg 20 Pcs DCP BC 82% 50Kg Trolley Mounted 200 Pcs Co2 3Kg 100 Pcs Co2 5Kg 100 Pcs Foam AFFF 9Lit 50 Pcs Dry Powder ABC 6Kg Suspended...