Electronics Chemicals

Wanted: buy ptfe scrap

Aug 18, 2014
we are a PTFE particle manufacturer in china. mwe need PTFE scrap 50t/M. we need a long-term supplier.more detail about us can visit our page under contact us market manager:jack tianyufusu manufacturer Nanma...

Wanted: memory

Nov 16, 2010
want to buy computer related memory desktop laptop or server used pulled in qty 1000 pcs or more for wholesale please let us know your stock and prices want to buy also scci hard drives 36 gb 146 gb 300gb any of seagate fujishu maxtor hitachi qty...
United States


Jul 14, 2010
WANTED: APPLE IPHONE 3GS - 32GB We are looking to purchase 1000 Black Apple iPhone 3GS - 32GB. The iPhones must be 100% original, brand new, unlocked or locked, with complete Apple warranty, and all of accessories in original sealed box. All...
United States
United States

Wanted: Apple Iphone 3gs Factory unlocked

Feb 9, 2010
I am looking to buy apple iphones 3gs factory unlocked in large quantities. Please contact me if you can supply 1000-30,000 units fly and buy only. No other options and no scammers please.
United States

Wanted: ipod

Jan 2, 2010
Need Best price of iPod Wholesale and dropshiper from china. Principal only please!
United States

Wanted: Itouch

Aug 3, 2009
I need to fine a company that sells authentic apple itouch. I need to find a company that is willing to provide them for a long period of time and a large amount. The company needs to be register. A lot of research will be done to find out the...
United States

Wanted: Laptops Apple Dell

Jul 21, 2009
I am intrested in iPods Original only and Dell and Apple computers.
United States

Wanted: selenium powder

Apr 6, 2009
We are the main importer of Selenium Powder in China. Would you please send me a copy of your products catalogue with details of your prices and payment terms?

Wanted: apple iphone 3g

Dec 21, 2008
I need a drop shipper for apple iphone black 3g. NOT an imitation iphone. I will have many many orders with different addresses most in usa. I do have a price limit with shipping included. Please get back to me asap to start dropshipping ur phones....
United States

Wanted: looking to buy iphone

Aug 11, 2008
Hello, i am looking to buy iphones 3G 16gig. We only pay using paypal. If interested please reply. thank you
United States

Wanted: import Monocrystalline silicon and Polycrystalline silicon

Aug 29, 2007
We are Zhejiang Metals and Minerals Imp.and Exp.Co(, one of the biggest trading company in China. now we need to import big quatity of Monocrystalline silicon and Polycrystalline silicon ,if you are big suppliers and...

Wanted: mp3 players

Jun 8, 2007
We are an electronics dealer in Paris.Now we are looking for goods as mp3, mp4, digital frame. Could you send us your catalogue And quote your best price with MOQ, and paymet details.Thanks.


Dec 21, 2006
I am looking to buy -new ipod glow 2-8 gb -ps3 -nintendo wii email me the price list *i will only do C.O.D for protetction i been scamed b4 so only and i had to go thru alot of b.s of cops and court to get my money back dont have time to go thru it...
United States

Wanted: Apple Ipods, Xbox 360 Premiun-BRAND NEW. Secure Payment.

Sep 16, 2006
We are looking for a supplier of electronics, mainly apple ipods and xbox 360 premiun editions. Seller must accept secure method of payment.(Paypal, credit card, or, escrow service or COD). We will purchase in bulk but...
United States


Aug 25, 2006
I want to buy SONY DSC-S500 in large quantity for resale. Please contact me with your quote. Thanks

Wanted: Buy reclaimed wafer, pot scaps, top/tail silicon

Jun 20, 2006
We are continuously purchasing large quantity polycrystalline silicon, reclaimed wafer and silicon scraps that may have fallen out of your process, such as: broken wafer(Bare), pot-scrap, top/tail silicon and etc: For Polysilicon, we need the...