Electronic Components & Supplies

Wanted: purchase IC whole wafer/defect IC wafer/test wafer

Aug 6, 2022
We're looking for patterned wafer, film wafer, color wafer, bare and polish wafer, IC wafer Disc & Ring, defect wafer, test wafer, IC flake with plastic (chip) and all kinds IC grade wafers materials. Welcome all kinds of cooperation to contact...

Wanted: Omega 3 Fatty acids

Jun 1, 2022
orm concentration Nutrient equivalence Nutrition concentration(mg) specification 1000 EPA 500 USP42-NF37 DHA 250 575 EPA 500 DHA 75 500 EPA 500 1300 DHA 1000 602 EPA 102 DHA 500


May 29, 2022
Dear Sir, We are loking for import into Pakistan LED BULB in SKD form and LED STREET LIGHT BULB 12 to 25 Watt and LED flood light Components besides down light accessories.. We shall appreciate to receive your CFR Karachi price and minimum quantity...

Wanted: siemens products inquiry

May 24, 2022
Hello Sales, I have many needs about the siemens product, and I'm looking forward a good supplier to help me provide this? who c an help supply competitive price? Below is some needs about my recently. ES7522-1BL01-0AB0 6ES7522-1BL10-0AA0...

Wanted: Purchase IGBT IC 650V/200A

May 11, 2022
We (HST )are the leading IGBT Module manufacturer in China. However, our IGBT module production has been constrained by a lack of IGBT IC since March of this year. We want to purchase the below parameters IGBT IC. ① 1200V/15A, 1200V/25A, 1200V/35A,...

Wanted: waste computer and mobile phone PCB scrap

Apr 20, 2022
We need waste computer and mobile phone PCB scrap for big quantity, if you can offer, please send me off photo, and quantity and price(CNF HK)
Hong Kong

Wanted: Pcb Assembly

Sep 10, 2021
Dear supplier, We would like to buy some units of your transmission board with customized dimensions. Please let us know if this is possible, and the cost involved. Yours truly, Bernard Gates

Wanted: Ready-made Novatek COF DRIVE IC Buying

Jul 5, 2021
We are a professional totally-new customization COF Film+IC Bonding turnkey solution manufacturer. However, we don't have some ready-made COF Driver IC( mainstream models on the market) supplier. We urgently want to purchase five COF Driver IC...

Wanted: WTB IC chips surplus or excess stocking

Apr 16, 2021
Looking to buy surplus factry IC components or electronic IC products, we offer good price to buy. pls send your stock.
Hong Kong

Wanted: Weighing Indicator

Feb 20, 2021
Weighing Indicator LP7516 LED ABS Platic body RS232 , bracket with 5 pin connectec , and holder for pipe fitting"


Oct 29, 2020
Hello Sales, I have many needs about the siemens product, and I'm looking forward a good supplier to help me provide this? who c an help supply competitive price? Below is some needs about my recently. 6GK7242-5DX30-0XE0 30 6GK7243-5DX30-0XE0 30...

Wanted: thermopile sensor

May 26, 2020
MTP-10-B7F55 Thermopile Sensor Specification: MEMS Thermopile Element TO-46 Package High Sensitivity 5.5 μm LWP Filter High Accuracy NTC Applications: Non-contact Temperature Measurements,Forehead Thermometers,Ear Thermometers, Continuous...

Wanted: Import inventory chip, excess inventory of electronic components

Apr 28, 2020
We are looking for inventory chip,IC,excess inventory of electronic components to import from allover the world.pls contact me cellphone 86-18962525467

Wanted: buy electronic component

Oct 14, 2019
NXP :BB178lx or BB178LX,315 or BB173LXYL need 500k can use alternates TDK: LZSA1000-3 Need 20-40 right away XIlinx: XC4020E-3HQ240C or XC4020E-3HQG240C need 500 Infineon: PEF21624EV22G or PEF21624EV2.2G or PEF21624EV2.1G or PEF21624EV21G need 210...
United States

Wanted: Passive Sonobuoys

Jun 19, 2019
Passive Sonobuoys AN/SSQ-53D (3) (PASSIVE SONOBUOYS) Main characteristics of Sonobyoys are as follow: Weight Under 13 Kg Length 914 (+3.575, -4.355) mm Diameter 124 (+0.175, -3.35) mm Power Seawater - Activated Battery Description DIFAR / PASSIVE...

Wanted: Tour Guide System

Jun 18, 2019
Our company is willing to buy a set of 52 receivers and 4 transmitters in a briefcase. Each receiver should be with our logo. Please advice when could you deliver it and payment methods etc?


Jun 8, 2019
Looking for a reliable supplier for long-term cooperation. Interested in the supply of CERAMIC PROCESSOR SCRAP. At the initial stage: small wholesale and payment terms.
Russian Federation

Wanted: Procurement of Mobile accessories with best competitive price OEM or ODM available

May 30, 2019
Dear Suppliers, This is a procurment/partnership notification sent from Global Accessories(China) Co.,Ltd in May,2019 and will be long-term available for electronic accessories purchasing. We are a professional original electronic trading company...

Wanted: measuring Carbon steel surface flatness,

May 23, 2019
Industry: Steel Application: Carbon steel surface flatness, need to measure the surface distance of the sensor to carbon steel Requirements: 3-5m range, accuracy 1-2mm, output 4-20mA, frequency 10Hz