Drill Bit

Wanted: interested in all kinds of used bits

Apr 13, 2014
buy used bits like used PDC and used TCI for years. We offer best price and goods.

Wanted: Buy kinds of scrap PDC bit

Jul 3, 2012
Hejian Ruide Drilling company purchase kinds of pdc bit for customers. for matrix body pdc bit or steel body pdc bit. for 3-8 wings baldes pdc bits

Wanted: Import used PDC drill bit

May 21, 2012
Used pdc drill bit some IADC code for reference: 437 Soft Formation TCI Tricone Bits The 427 tci bits are used to drill low compressive strength,very soft formations .TCI bits maximize the use of bothconical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts of...

Wanted: used pdc core rock bit

Dec 19, 2011
We buy used pdc drill bits from all over the world . If you have , please contact me .