Drill Bit

Wanted: used drill bit

Jul 31, 2014
import used PDC bits and TCI bits always. Welcome to contact. Offer the perfect prices for your goods.

Wanted: Buy the used PDC and TCI bits

Apr 25, 2014
Our company want to buy the used PDC and TCI bits for any size. IF you have, please contact us.

Wanted: used pdc bit for well drilling

Dec 13, 2011
We buy used pdc drill bits from all over the world . If you have , please contact me .

Wanted: used drill bits

May 10, 2011
Hejian Huanyu Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Chinese supplier of drilling tools since 1998 .We buy large quantity Tricone Bits,steel tooth bit,TCI tricone bits, PDC bits,diamond drill bits ,reamer bits (hole opener ), diamond core bits ,single...