Chemical Process Equipment

Wanted: We will buy copper,aluminium,other metal by payment of "goods exchange goods"

Mar 17, 2023
We will buy copper and metal by payment of "goods exchange goods" method,Our products is as following: Model:JTM-2-180001-03 Name:2-180001-03- LNG LPG CO2 Storage Tank Function:Storage Pressure Vessel Storage Medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2 or LNG....

Wanted: Equipment

Mar 29, 2015
Hello We are seriously looking for your Equipment.please can you supply at this time to France in Europe? email us urgent Mr.Kuti Kuriz

Wanted: import pe wax

Aug 18, 2014
Hello We are an international trading company specializing mainly in pe wax and low poymer in Qingdao, China.,We have been in the import and export business for over 10 years and have exensive contacts throughout China.Now we have customers who use...

Wanted: Ammonia manufacturing

Feb 24, 2014
I am looking for an Ammonia factory that uses hydrogen as feed stock

Wanted: inquring for chemicals use to clean dint and rainbow lines in Windscreen glasses for motor

Jan 30, 2014
Our company do import motor windscreen glasses from China. We have about 5,000 pieces of windscreen glass which develop dint and rainbow line (when thesaid windscreen glasses are still inside the container) because of the late arrival of the ship....

Wanted: Downhole Completion Equipment

Dec 31, 2013
Sl Description Unit Q'ty 1.Retainer Production Packer Wireline set Complete with hard Nitrile "O" ring, hard Nitrile Packing element; guide at bottom for Mill out Extension Box down connection Size: Baker model FB-1 or equivalent (for setting...

Wanted: Chemically Etched Dies

Dec 1, 2013
United Kingdom
Hello there, My name's Justin Liau Director of a paper crafting company based in the United Kingdom. Gordon who is also the Director for the company. We are looking for Manufacturers around the world to be able to make and produce Chemically Etched...
United Kingdom

Wanted: buy farm use biodiesel processor

Aug 7, 2013
We need biodiesel processor to match our spiral oil press to make biodiesel from seeds and nuts, like sunflower seed, soybean, peanut and flax seed, etc. Capacity from 2 ton per 24 hours to 10 ton per hours.We have lots of customers need this...

Wanted: coal tar distillation plant

Mar 20, 2011
we want a coal tar distillation plant of 300 tpd capacity. the plant should be able to produce graphite grade pitch, superior carbon balck, creosote oil, carbon black and napthalene.