Car Reversing Aid

Wanted: To purchase Ultrasonic sensor

Aug 31, 2015
Specifications are as below. Center Frequency is 40.0±1.0Khz Echo Sensitivity is more than 200mV Decay Time is less than 1.2ms -6dB Directivity(Horizontal Angle)is 65~85 degree -6dB Directivity(Vertical Angle) is 45 degree or less than Detecting...

Wanted: To purchase ultrasonic sensors of Car Reversing Aid

Aug 29, 2015
1. Detecting Range is 0.3-5m for truck/bus/vans parking sensor system 2. Level of Waterproof is IP66 3. Color of case is Black 4. Ultrasonic frequency is 40KHz 5. Power Supply is DC8-34V 6. The sensor body has 30cm cable(recommended), the other end...