Bath Supplies

Wanted: Want to buy Bath Soap

Jun 16, 2023
We are in the market to purchase Bathing Soap in large order. We need several types of bath soap. Contact us through email for more details of the order. Please write down your email address while contacting.


Jun 3, 2023
United Arab Emirates
Details: Any brand of body bath soap, bar formed only. Size: 150 g or up
United Arab Emirates

Wanted: Buying glycerin

Dec 10, 2021
We are looking to buy Glycerin for account of our chinese buyers qty 70,000 mt payment by DLC sight delivery china cif let us have your sco with tech specs regards Raman Ganesan

Wanted: We want to buy HAND SANITIZER and MASK

Jun 17, 2020
We are serious buyers, have enough funds, and have the ability to deal quickly. We want to import excellent products from Korea and we can also import products from other countries. Could you please let me know the following as soon as possible?...

Wanted: Lux bar soap 170g require

Sep 21, 2017
Hello, i require lux bar soap 170g made in suadi Arabia , I will buy in full and regular . and I also require Dove Silky cream 300ml . whats app : +923005933866

Wanted: Dove Bath creme Shower lotion toothpasta

Mar 3, 2016
Hello we are looking for offers of the following Bathroom products : Dove Bath crème 500ml Dove bath lotion 500ml Any Dove products Any Shampoo ( Amore , P&G ,ETC) Any Toothpasta ( aquafresh, Macleans, Prodent, Seynsodyne) Any Sanitary napkins (...

Wanted: Dove Cream Bar

Nov 6, 2015
We Require 3 containers of Dove Bar's per month. Please Quote best Prices T1 (pref Rotterdam). We work with Mentrex, SGS. Both provide Escrow services. Raj 0031683602258

Wanted: Soap Noodles

Jun 22, 2013
Requirement Specification Total fatty matter % 58% - 62% Moisture % 10.5% - 13.5% Titer 40 - 45 Free Alkalinity as NaOH % 0.1% - 0.4% Chloride Content (as NaCl) % 0.3% - 0.5% Sodium Silicate% 17.5% - 22.8% Zeolite % 8% - 12% Colour: White or...

Wanted: Soap, Shampoo & tooth paste

May 27, 2013
we are leading importer of Pakistan.we need soap, shampoos and tooth paste .

Wanted: Lifebuoy soap 70g

Dec 26, 2011
We are looking for all kind of Lifebuoy soap 70g from Unilever brand and all products of Unilever and we want to buy them with very comparative price.

Wanted: offer

Jan 31, 2011
Hello, I have the product you are looking for. Extra virgin olive oil from $1.8.00 euro to $2.2 euro FOB One liter dark green glass bottle. we have closed deals with supplier. can give sample once. Origin:Africa SGS or any international agency

Wanted: Scented Soap and Shampoo

Jan 28, 2011
Hello Looking to purchase in bulk, huge lots, of scented soap, shampoo, moisturizers....etc.. Please contact me with your prices.

Wanted: dove sope

Dec 20, 2010
i am looking to buy dove body sope supplyer for bulk buying for export send my price picturs other info