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Wanted: BUy 37.00R57 AND 40.00R57 major tyres

Jan 3, 2014
Now,we are looking for these brand new tyres: 24 x 37.00R57 E4 any compound,Michelin ,Bridgestone and Goodyear only 24 x 40.00R57 E4 any compound,Michelin ,Bridgestone and Goodyear only If you have these tyres in stocks,please send us your best...

Wanted: BUY 50/65R51 Michelin or Bridgestone tyres

Mar 28, 2013
Now,we have one enquire for 8units 50/65R51 L5 brand new tyres,Michelin or Bridgestone brands only,If you have these tyres for sale,you can send us your best price with full details together!Thanks advance!

Wanted: Buy Undergroud mining tires

Mar 28, 2011
Now,we are looking for the following underground mining tires: ***MICHELIN*** 12.00R20 - XSM D2+ , L-5S 17.5R25 - XSM D2+ , L-5S 18.00R25 - XSM D2+ , L-5S 26.5R25 - XSM D2+ , L-5S 14.00R24- XSM D2+ , L-5S ***BRIDGESTONE*** 12.00R20- VSMS, L-5S...