Auto Production Line Equipment

Wanted: We Are Looking for CKD Automobile Vans

Feb 24, 2022
We are looking for CKD for vans as per enclosed pictures. We can import about 500 kits every month. Please offer on wechat - dinesha7339 or whatsapp +61402535671 or email - sunimp456 (at)

Wanted: TSI8130 MACHINE

May 5, 2018
I‘d like to purchase second-hand TSI8130 machine for mask filter testing ,if you can provide,please contact me

Wanted: Diesel Burners

Jul 16, 2013
Hi, BFP Engineering is currently sourcing for a Diesel Burner for their Bitumen Trucks, as these burners need to be mounted on the truck they need to compact, please see the image for dimensions. Power 250 Kilowatts 1000 mega Joules Operating...

Wanted: Mechanical press

Oct 19, 2012
someone, could you please assist me to find mechanical press with working capacity 200~400ton and NC Feeder