Air Conditioner Parts

Wanted: need to import copper coils and pipes to saudi arabia

Jul 27, 2022
Saudi Arabia
need copper pipes and coils from korea to saudi arabia in container quantities.
Saudi Arabia

Wanted: YORK 026-37540-000 FILTER DRIER

May 10, 2014
01100309000OIL, B, 5-GAL 01100312000OIL, "C", 5 GAL 01100434000 OIL, "F", 5-GAL 01100533000 OIL, "K", 5 GAL 01100549000OIL "H" 5 GAL.CAN 01100582000OIL YORK "E" 5 GAL 01100592000OIL "L" 5 GAL.CAN 01100922000OIL "S" 5 GAL.CAN 01300898000COMP HEAT...