SaniPlast Family Pack 19mm x 72mm

Saniplast® First Aid Bandage consists of P.V.C tape, antiseptic pad coated with Acrinol & protected by release paper. ADVANTAGES: Flexible Soft and easy to apply on different parts of body. Hypoallergenic air permeable and wash proof. Medicated...
Main Item Saniplast
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Elastic Bandage

Elastic Bandage It was made of cotton, polyurethane, and rubber. Characters: 1. Good elasticity and good permeability of gas. 2.uniform depression, no easy slide. Applicant range: it is designed for assistant treatment of sprain fracture, soft...
Main Item P.O.P Bandage . Padding. Elastic bandage, Vaseline gauze swab.
Business Type Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer

3NS Kinesiology Tape

3NS TAPE features a special adhesive with a wave pattern design and an elasticity which is similar to the human skin. This offers a gentle and effective approach to the re-education of the neuromuscular system, the improvement of blood/lymph...
Main Item Kinesiology tape, Sport tape, Muscle tape, Support taping tape, Athletic tape
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HIFEM Slim beauty muscle building machine HIFEM Slim beauty muscle building machine

HIFEM Slim beauty muscle building machine

HIFEM Slim beauty muscle building machine HIFEM beauty muscle instrument, which uses the most advanced (HIFEM) high-intensity focused magnetic vibration technology, directly stimulates motor neurons, so that the body's muscles continue to expand...
Main Item 5 in 1 HIFU Machine
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Elastic bandage Functional Fabric

1.Elastic bandage Functional Fabric 2.Elastic band for making body supports. 3.Elastic bandage.
Main Item 1. OEM / ODM. 2. CNC Machined parts. 3.Auto & Motorcycles & Bicycle Components. 4. ATV & Electric Scooter & Wheelchair Components. 5. Bicycle & Electric Scooter & Wheelchair Suspension. 6. Functional Fabrics.
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First Aid Kit Combat Hemorrhage Control Tourniquet First Aid Kit Combat Hemorrhage Control Tourniquet First Aid Kit Combat Hemorrhage Control Tourniquet

First Aid Kit Combat Hemorrhage Control Tourniquet

Military combat tourniquet is a safe and effective first aid device that is used for life-threatening external haemorrhage from limb injury. Hemorrhage Control Military Tourniquet Features: Safe and Effective. Tactical tourniquet is proven to be...
Main Item Tourniquet, Medical Consumables, Vein finder, first aid kit
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white long white evening bandage dress

our dress every cut is close to the body ,carving out the perfect female body shape , and thus get the image of "bandage dress" name . whether red carpet at the ceremony or paricipate in town meetings, the dress will be for you to create a...
Main Item evening dress bandage dress prom dress
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Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage (KZT)

Characteristics 1. Non-woven material, Soft yet strong fabrics 2. Nature latex coating which give adhesive properties. 3. Conveniently hand tear 4. Water resistant. Non-loosen as it sweats 5. Length and width can be made as required 6. Various...
Main Item self-adhesive elastic bandage
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Absorbent gauze bandage/W.O.W Bandage

W.O.W Bandage is exquisitely made from cotton yarn thoroughly bleached to an excellent white. Being tightly packeted with edges evenly cut, it ensures perfect satisfaction to our clients. -mesh in inch: 24*20, 26*18, 28*24 30*20, 32*38, 43*27(BP)...
Main Item medical instruments, dressing, disposable
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p.o.p bandage

Description Fast setting Plaster of Paris bandages, with extremely short immersion time. Consists of plain-weave gauze fabric coated with blend of alpha and beta calcium sulphate crystals, spooled on round perforated plastic core. Art. Number Size...
Main Item Plaster of Paris Bandage
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Latex Free Nonwoven Cohesive Bandage Economic Choice for Light Compression Use

Cowin is a flexible, hand-tearable, cohesive bandage made of nonwoven fabric and elastic fiber. It is soft, breathable, easy to apply, and sticks to itself not to skin, no clips or fasteners required. Cowin provides light compression and support,...
Main Item gauze, surgical gown,
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service
Main Item bandages
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Airflow Ankle Support Brace with Bandage

Spandex+Nylon,2 straps Comfortable soft edge Super high permeability Seamless fabric Breathable material, gentle on your skin S M L XL XXL The construction of the support allow the user to maintain a full range of motion. Helps reduce swelling and...
Main Item medical supports
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Antiseptic Applicators/Spray/Preservative

Gauze Bandages, made of 100% cotton, are widely used for protecting wounds and preventing bleeding. They can come in any number of widths and lengths. Mainly used for surgical dressings nursing, trauma first aid, field training and so on Feature:...
Main Item ECG electrodes, ultrasound gel, tapes
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Bleached Cotton Bleached Cotton

Bleached Cotton

We offer for sale 100% Bleached Cotton Comber Noil, clean, fresh, without lycra, polyester, rust, oil … (it is hygiene product that useful for cosmetics, medical and paper sector it is using as raw material for pharmaceutical cotton, woman...
Main Item PA6 virgin pellet
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Cotton Bandage

Cotton Bandage is made from 100% cotton yarn. It is used to cover the wound. It keeps dust and foreign particles away from would and keep it clean so that would heals fast and it stays aseptic or would do not get infected by bacteria or other...
Main Item Fly Ash, Bentonite
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cotton cohesive bandage and nonwoven flexibe bandage

adhesive bandage feature: 1.cotton material latex free, hand tear/nonwoven maerial latex free, hand tear 2.aderes to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin, no pins or clips needed 3.wrap will not slip so no need for frequent readjustment 4.light...
Main Item tape, plaster, bandage, tube, surgical suture, lab products, stethoscope, syringe
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Krinkle Gauze Roll (Gauze Bandage Roll)

Welcome to meet us at 2014 Canton Fair, which is 116th on Oct.31-Nov.4, Our booth No.: 11.2E41-11.2E42! More details, pls contact email: Skype: andreawang91 We are the manufacturer and exporter of krinkle gauze roll, it is...
Main Item medical disposable products
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Elastic Bandage

Bandage We could supply all kinds of bandages. Cohesive Elastic Bandage Description: Coat a thin layer of nature latex on the cotton fabric which allows them adhere to themselves tightly. Soft, comfortable and Hand-tear. Only adhere to itself, not...
Main Item Medical products
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black bandage evening dress

show perfect line top quality bandage dress fabric type rayon/Nelon/Spandex factory price reply in 24 hours good after service
Main Item banage dress, evening dress
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