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ECPlaza is a global B2B e-marketplace with over 1.08 million active buyers and sellers from 220 countries.

ECPlaza has the expertise and experience to help you succeed in online advertising. As a partner of Google, we also participate in advertising to help ECPlaza members secure new business opportunities.

Stand out from the competition and convert leads into buyers by advertising your products on ECPlaza!

Why Advertise on ECPlaza?

B2B Focus
ECPlaza is an ideal platform specialized in wholesale transactions, product sourcing, and finding manufacturing partners, catering to businesses seeking effective solutions in these domains.
Strategically placing your products through ECPlaza keyword advertising, you can effectively approach your target audience and attract potential buyers.
ECPlaza offers flexible advertising options for businesses of all sizes. Start online advertising easily with a simple ordering process and affordable prices starting at only $2.00.

Where Your Ads Appear?

Main page is the most exposed area, with numerous global buyers and suppliers visiting daily.

Increase product visibility by displaying your products in the Spotlight product section at the top of the main page.

$14.00 /day
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Search results page is the page that appears when a buyer searches for a specific keyword and product.

Exposing your product at the top or side of the search results pages increases visitor click-through rates and buyer inquiries.

From $2.00 ~ /day
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Premium ads are appear at the top of search result pages when buyer search for specific keywords and products.

Catches the eye of buyers in a banner format that includes company profiles and product images.

$9.99 /day
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* YES Premium Members have access to Main Page Ad (Which the Spotlight product) and Keyword Ad (Which the Hot product) as standard features. Learn More.

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