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Wood veneer rotary clipper machine for veneer cutting

CNC Veneer Rotary Clipper Machine Features: This is a kind of machine designed for cutting the veneer which has been peeled from veneer peeling lathe. The blade is fixed on a light aolly knife holder, and cuts the veneer against the supporting...
Main Item 1.plywood production line and accessories of plywood production. Such as veneer rotary clipping/peeling line, glue spreader, veneer dry machine, cold press, hot press, edge trimming saw, sanding machine and so on. 2.Fiberboard production line 3.MDF/HDF
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NEW DESIGNED PLYWOOD PRODCUTION LINE: 1, Log Debarker: To get rid the skin of the log. This process can be done by machine, and also can be done manually. So this machine is not a necessary equipment for plywood making, it just to improve the...
Main Item woodworking machinery
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Heavy Duty Spindleless Veneer Peeling Lathe Speed 30-80m/min

Heavy Duty Spindleless Veneer Peeling Lathe Speed 30-80m/min Technical Specification: Xzd0sssss.11Model No. BX1400A-8 Max Peeling Length 1300mm Knife Length 1400mm Max Peeling Diameter φ360mm Left Log Diameter φ28mm The log peeling machinery is...
Main Item Plywood Making Machinery, Veneer Dryer Production Line, Hot Press Machine
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