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Activated Bleaching Earth Clay Used for industrial waste oils Recycling

Industrial Activated Bleaching Earth For Waste Oils Recycling Activated Clay Activated Bleaching Earth Clay Used for industrial waste oils Recycling Activated clay Bleaching earth is for decolorization & depuration of polyether. Mainly used as...
Main Item Organoclay|Organophilic clay|Rheological additive|Modified Bentonite
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Activated Bleaching earth

Molecular formula: H2A12(SiO3)4-nH2O CAS code: 70131-50-9 Applications & Rang of Use In refinement of animal & vegetable oils, used for decolorization and purification to eliminate harmful pigments, flavacol, phospholipid, saponin, gelatine, and...
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Bleaching Earth to Refine The Oil 220A

Here's some information for your reference; SYKOL 195A has the same or similar specification as TONSIL/ TAIKO brand clay, but with a much better price, we recommand it for any vegetable oil refinery. SYKOL 170 priced much cheaper than 195A which...
Main Item Activated bleaching earth, Water chemicals
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industrial chemicals activated bleaching earth for olive oil and palm oil refined

Features: Sub-white powder,odorless,tasteless,non-toxic. Raw Material: High quality bentonite and high quality concentrated sulfuric acid. Specification: Test Item Quality Indices Color White/Gray/Light pink Texture Powder Free acid (H2SO4), w%...
Main Item Activated bleaching earth(Activated clay);Bentonite powder;Industrial gypsum
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Highly Active Bleaching Fuller Earth

Fuller earth is a highly active bleaching earth used in a wide scope of applications. It is manufactured by acid activation of attapulgite. It is very suitable for refining vegetable and animal oils and fats, moreover for finishing and/or...
Main Item Activated Bleaching Earth
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Bleaching Earth for Diesel Oil

Activated Bleaching Earth for Oil Decoloration and Refinement 1)Material: High quality bentonite and concentrated sulfuric acid 2)Feature: Sub-white powder, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic 3)Usage: Refinement of edible animal and vegetable oils: It...
Main Item Activated bleaching clay
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Activated Bleaching Clay

itis used for Refining of Used Oils A type of Clay which is highly Adsorptive & consists mainly of Hydrated Aluminium Silicate Fuller's Earth - A type of Clay which is highly adsorptive and consists mainly pf hydrated aluminium silicates. It is...
Main Item Water Purifying Agent, plasticizing agent , or common chemicals
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Bleaching clay(Activated clays)

Bleaching clay Activated clay is an advanced adsorption, bleaching agent, is widely used in oil, chemical and other industr 1.Edible oil with actived clay Decolorization rate%:90 Moisture%:12 Free acid%:0.20 Size(200mesh%):95 Bulk desity(g/ml):0.7...
Main Item Fulvic Acid
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