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Vagina/ Nasal/ Anal Rinse Kit

Vagina/ Nasal/ Anal Rinse Kit (Douche) convenient, anti-contamination, deep cleansing, sufficient volume STRUCTURE The product is made of medical polymer material and composed of liquid storage bottle, pump head, rinse tube and connecting tube....
Main Item Sterile Water for injection, Co-trimoxazole tablet, Amoxicillin capsules, Ceftriaxone for injection, Ciprofloxacin tablet, Dexamethasone injection, Omeprazole capsule, etc medicine and Medical Device
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Artificial Hymens: Kits 'Restore Your Virginity In Five Minutes 03437511221

Recently Created Technological know-how helps this wonderful ability to become virgin again! Precisely how the idea Is effective Insert this Man-made Hymen straight into your current vagina cautiously. It is going to develop a little in addition to...
Main Item delay spray/ sex spray/ haymen kit/ female sex drops/ fertlex/
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Korea yeden non-electric mechanical bathroom bidet toilet

1.Update normal toilet seat cover to multi-functional quickly in just 10 minutes. 2.No any electric part and components inside, no worries about electric shock during use. 3.User can do the installation all by themselves quickly with the attached...
Main Item Bidet, Toilet
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