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Sell Up-conversion phosphor for tagging and identification

Up-conversion phosphor for tagging and identification Up-conversion phosphor (Anti-Stokes' luminescence) is a luminescent materials that converts invisible infrared light into different visible light for various kinds of printing application, and...
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Lasers for Up-Conversion Luminescence

Up-Conversion luminescence is within the long wavelength emission, continuously emitting wavelength which is shorter than the excitation light. Up-conversion luminescence is essentially an Anti-Stokes light, which means the radiation energy is...

UPT Biology Diagnostic Instrument

UPT Biology Diagnostic Technology is the newly developed Biology-Marked Technology coming from Test of Up-Conversion Phosphor. The Phosphor material is lanthanon Crystal-formed Nanometer particles, emitting light when excited by Infrared Laser Beam...
Main Item Phosphors, El Wire, Electroluminescent Wire And Glowing Toys
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GOS Scintillator Ceramic

GOS Scintillator Ceramic Ceramic scintillators based on the composition Gd2O2S: Pr: Ce have high efficiency in converting X- rays into light rays, a decay time (t1/10 = 5.5 us) short enough to permit repeated imaging with an interval of 1 ms, low...
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U type quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp

Cold cathode ultraviolet UV classification and principle of sterilization Ultraviolet refers at wavelengths of 200nm ~380nm between the rays of the sun, including3 categories: UVA wavelength is 315nm ~380nm,280nm ~ 315nm UVB wavelength, UVC...
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Main Item Selling products;Cochlea drying box, electronic hearing aid dryer, saxophone whistle uv sterilization reed moisturizer box, PCB, design and development, toothbrush disinfector PCB, air purifier PCB
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Phosphates chemicals

Phosphates chemicals Phosphoric acid Phosphorous acid TriSodium phosphate Sodium pyrophosphate (SPP) Sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) Sodium dihydrogen phosphate (MSP) Disodium hydrogen...
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T5 fluorescent lamp

T5 fluorescent lamp with particular external design,perfect functions. CCC,CE,GS,ROHS are available. Features: 1. particular external design,smart linker conversion,extruded aluminium material to make the external appearance exquisite. 2. match...
Main Item energy saving lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, t5 fixture
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LED Tube

Product Advantages 1, Apply Epistar Integrated Package High Power LED A. Excellent heat dissipation (1) Increase more than 200% heat dissipating area than other kinds package tech, it makes the heat diffuse from LED to Heat sink easily and controls...
Main Item LED Lighting, Dimmable Bulb, Dimmable Panel Light
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