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Sand casting Thermic Lance Pipe Daiwa lance OD-21.4mm

Thermic lance pipe contains steel wire that promotes combustion. It is used for cutting and boring large iron castings. stainless steels. brass. non-ferrous metal. concrete. ceramic. natural stone. etc. at a temperature of more than 3000°C. without...
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Sand Casting Thermic Lance Pipe 26.7

A Thermal Lance, thermic lance, oxygen lance, or burning bar is a tool that heats and melts steel in the presence of pressurized oxygen to create the very high temperatures (≥3600℃)required for cutting. It consists of a long steel tube packed with...
Main Item Thermic Lance Pipe, Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised Oxygen Lance Pipe, Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised&Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Underwater Cutting Lance
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