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Solar Keymark Solar Water Heater with Suppot Tank (JLF)

*specifications 1. Inner water tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel 0.4mm thick 2. Outer water tank: White color plate 3. Bracket: Zincification painting steel 4. Temperature insulation layer 5. 5cm imported polyurethane, keep same temperature and high...
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Commercial solar water heater

commercial type solar water heater collector high performance collector: using high efficiency vacuum tube absorptions rate is 25% higher than common tube. Thermal collecting function reach the world’s top level Optimized piping design: strict keep...
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MGIT CPV (Concentrated photovoltaic) Mumbai

MGIT Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology is a HYBRID solution for electrical and thermal energy. These systems are unique because sunlight is concentrated through a lens onto high performance solar cells, thus increasing the electricity...
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china solar weater heater system

Shanghai xianzhi Solar Energy Water- heater and air source heat pump water heater Co.,Ltd solar energy water heater Product characteristics the soalr water heater for the whole flow,thermal conductivity medium conduction vacuum tube does not take...
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solar water heater

1. Water tanks are made by machine. Flower design pressed on aluminum alloy(or stainless steel) shell, beautiful and durable. Inner water tank is made of supper SUS304 food grade stainless steel plates, welded by argon arc. Water is pure and...
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The solar hunt system has the high efficiency and faster thermal response time than the conventional natural circulation systems. This water heater uses a new method to circulate solar energy collected through the high efficiency solar energy...

vacuum tube

(1) heat conduction velocity in seconds you can quickly start warming up, the thermal efficiency of 99%; (2) does not need the sunlight only to need the temperature difference ultra strong heat conduction never to Hibernate; (3) unique triple...
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Evacuated Glass Vacuum Tube

Glass Vacuum Tube All glass evacuated tubes are the key component of solar collectors. The evacuated tube is similar to a conventional Dewar flask and consists of two borosilicate glass tubes, a glass with high chemical and thermal shock...
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Provide multiple ways for you to use water and you can enjoy hot water as you like. Tank of large capacity provides you with sufficient hot water which will meet the needs of bath in a tub Special thermal insulation coating; foamed automatically...
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Drop hammer fan

The Air Circulation Exhaust Fan-performance characteristic Its motor adopts the best quality three preventation motor through 360 hours destructive test. The shell adopts advanced overall current collector design, international advanced...
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Green Energy

Sustainable energy Concentrating solar power systems are a fast growing source of sustainable energy. Sustainable energy Renewable energy Anaerobic digestion Hydroelectricity · Geothermal Microgeneration · Solar Tidal · Wave · Wind Energy...
United Arab Emirates
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borosilicate glass tube

1) Coefficient of mean linear thermal expansion (20°C/300°C): 3.3±0.1 (10-6K-1) 2) Transformation temperature: 525±15°C 3) Working point: 1,260±20°C 4) Softening point: 820±10°C 5) Density at 20°C: 2.23g/cm² 6) Hydrolytic resistance at 98°C:...
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Residential Water Source Heat Pump

Our residential water source heat pump is a highly efficient and energy saving air conditioning system which achieves cooling or heating by using the shallow layer geothermal source, also known as ground energy source, including soil, groundwater,...
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Vacuum Tube

The use of 3.3 borosilicate glass makes this vacuum tube highly resistant to chemical and thermal shock. By using a constructin completely madeout of glass,difficult glass metal seals were avoided. This made the technology inexpensive and extremely...
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Evacuated Vacuum tube

The tubes are made from low emissivity borosilicate glass (glass with a very low iron content that has superior durability and heat resistance ) with an all-glass seal and they employ AL/N on AL selective coating, which enables the use of the whole...
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