OD12.5mm thermal lancing pipe Shinto lance for cutting steel pipes

Thermal lance also known as burning bar or thermic lance, made by hollow mild steel pipes filled with a number of iron wires, which is a powerful efficient cutting tool by high purity oxygen flow through the interior of the lance to create...
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Sand Casting Thermic Lance Pipe 26.7

A Thermal Lance, thermic lance, oxygen lance, or burning bar is a tool that heats and melts steel in the presence of pressurized oxygen to create the very high temperatures (≥3600℃)required for cutting. It consists of a long steel tube packed with...
Main Item Thermic Lance Pipe, Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised Oxygen Lance Pipe, Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised&Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Underwater Cutting Lance
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hot sell Forging lance nozzle/metal melting furnace oxygen lance nozzle

Advantage of assembling forging nozzle compared with casting nozzle: 1. Optimizing material, adopting 99.99% oxygen-free copper, but the purity of casting nozzle copper commonly is 99.85%. After being forged, metallurgical structure of copper is...
Main Item oxygen lance, oxygen lance nozzle
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EAF(Electic Arc Furnace)

IntroductionTaesung Industrial System manufactures electrode holders, bushings, lance nozzles, linar, rolls and oilless products that require advanced technologies and high conductivity. These products are supplied to nonferrous cast manufacturers,...
Main Item Water Jacket(Copper Panel)
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Hot High Pressure Washer

Strong, reliable, as required by companies that use h.p. washers daily, as a work-tool and in the most difficult conditions to get the maximum cleaning in the least time and safest environment. Technical Features: Tubular frame set, made of fire...
Main Item Hydraulic cylinders , Jack, Pumps, Cleaning Machine, hydraulic wrench, High Speed Wire Tools, heater
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