Wanted: Roche cobas 6000 machine

Jan 15, 2020
One configuration of the cobas 6000 analyzer series can contain up to two cobas c 501 modules. This module performs over 110 measurements of proteins, enzymes, substrates and electrolytes, direct antiglobulin tests (DATs), and therapeutic drug...

Wanted: Testing Machine Agent Is Needed

Apr 3, 2019
Application Based on the differential pressure method, and is professionally applicable to the determination of gas transmission rate as well as solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient of plastic films, laminated...

Wanted: TSI8130 MACHINE

May 5, 2018
I‘d like to purchase second-hand TSI8130 machine for mask filter testing ,if you can provide,please contact me

Wanted: Gold repair laser welding machine

Oct 20, 2016
1. High quality : 24 hours of continuous work ability, cavity life 8 to 10 years, xenon lamp life of more thank 8 million times. 2. Fast delivery : just need 6 working days we can fininsh installtion and testing. 3. High efficiency after-sale...

Wanted: WAW-1000D Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine +Tensile Testing Machine

Aug 27, 2016
Brief Introduction: WAW -1000D Series Computer Control Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, compared with a ball screw type electric mechanical UTM, is adopting oil hydraulic power to push the piston in the oil cylinder to provide loading...

Wanted: inquiry

May 16, 2014
medicalinstruments wants: Radiotherapy machine, electrocardiogram test instrument and analytical instruments, etc.

Wanted: I am looking for trading company

Mar 2, 2014
I am looking for trading company which can export various cold roll forming machines, as a manufacturer, we are experienced in customer's design, installation and test, technical solution and after-sale services,Every one of our machine is...

Wanted: Hydraulic testing unit

Sep 24, 2013
we are looking for a hydraulic testing unit, it will be used for the testing for the heavy duty machines which worked in coal mine. The parameter we want to see: - Pressure test - flow test - torque of motor - tempreture we want to have one testing...

Wanted: Gold Detecting Smelting Tester Equipments

Sep 21, 2013
D) 1 Gold detector Machine TEC-GPX 5000 E) 1 Gold smelting Machine type SMELT SHANKIN,model GWT-25 F) 1 Electronics Scale type KERN,model RPB 3K1NM G) 1 Gold Tester Machine type CITIZEN,model X-RAY TUBE H) 1 Air compressor type ATLAS COPCO,model...

Wanted: gynaecological equipment required urgently

Jul 16, 2013
We require gynaecological and obsteritics equipment urgently. Machines for testing pregnacy related issues

Wanted: Buy Titanium bar AMS 4928,MIL-T-9047 from YSTI

Jul 27, 2009
Hot-rolled barsTi6Al4V, hot-rolled or heat-treated, annealed, machined & pickled. 100% ultrasonic testing.Dia 10mm-200mm Class A i AA stock in Germany GR5, 3.7164.1, 3.7165.1, 6Al4V, TA6V Delivery conditions: ASTM B 348, DIN17862, DIN65040, DIN...

Wanted: Torlon ® Test Sockets & Nests

Feb 12, 2009
Professional Plastics seeks cnc machining shops specializing on Torlon, Ultem, Vespel, Semitron, and PEEK test sockets and nests. Quadrant distributor with locations in Singapore and USA. Contact Professional Plastics (search Google for website...

Wanted: PVC resin for window profile

Jan 30, 2009
We are company from Sofia, Bulgaria, producers of first Bulgarian PVC profile. Now we are just in the beggining of testing our New inovative PVC window profile. Now we need just a small quantites for testing new installed machines and to get most...

Wanted: Hardness Testing Machine

Feb 2, 2006
We are looking for a hardening tetsing machine with the following specifications: Test load range: 9,81 N - 2452 N Windows based software automatic picture analysis Integrated zoom module comfortable check program Suitable for all methods of...

Wanted: Motorcycle speed & rpm testing machine

May 3, 2005
We want to buy motorcycle speed and rpm testing matchine if your company can supply pls full free contract with us for futher information.

Wanted: your offer

Aug 1, 2004
1-steel plate hot rolling mill(to convert the plain plate into riffled;channeled;plate). capacity=50 tons/day ;thick.=5mm and wide=1250mm. 2-Edible oil squeezing machine,capacity=100 kg/hr. 3-bolts making machinery. 4-spring test machinery, 500 KN...