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Baobab Oil baobab oil wholesale natural-extracts Origin: South Africa, Namibia, Angola Raw Material: Baobab Seeds Processing Method: Cold Press Product Info: The biggest use of baobab oil is as a cosmetic agent. One can use it directly on the skin,...
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BL-513 Weight Lose Machine with Liposonix

Principle: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound penetrates focused and volumetric ultrasonic energy at precise depth(13mm) in subcutaneous fat layers targeting fat tissue causing a non-thermal effect. The surrounding structures such as the epidermis,...
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surgery wound skin closure

1 a assitant for sewing up the surgucal wound 2 reduce scar formation 3 comfortable caring the surgical wound after taking out stitches, reducing scar formation. 1.2cm*10cm 0.6cm*10cm 0.6cm*3.8cm 0.6cm*7.5cm 0.3cm*7.5cm 1)it is a good assitant for...
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Wound and Skin Closures

•It is a good assistant for sewing up the surgical wound by surgical and cosmetic surgery •Caring the surgical wound after taking out stitches, reducing scar formation. •Bonding and repairing the little wound by hurt in daily life, such as the stab...
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Disposable Laparoscopic Clip

Boer laparoscopic clip are designed for ligating blood vessels or other tublar structure tissue in surgery. Its principle is similar to the principle of surgical vascular suture, belongs to a mechanical hemostasis. Disposable Laparoscopic Clip List...
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Transparent semi-permeable dressing

Description Transparent semi-permeable dressing is made of PU film.It is high quality,ultra-thin,comfortable dressing, and has waterproof and bactericia proof,transparence,breathability,high elasticity and hypoalergenic. Application It can be...
Main Item Disposable sterile medical dressing
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Instant COVID-19 tests

We offer Instant COVID-19 tests and other medical products directly from Chinese manufacturing factory: SARS-COV-2 AG RAPID TEST KIT (Saliva self testing) SARS-COV-2 AG RAPID TEST KIT (Saliva) SARS-COV-2 AG RAPID TEST KIT (Swab) The products are...
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Dermaflage Topical Scar Fillers

Medical grade temporary silicone skin filler instantly fill up any: -Depressed scars -Acne Scars -Surgical Wounds -Post Skin Graft Mesh Lines -Burn scars -Bites -Permanent Frown Lines 11 shades e5.7ml/.19 oz x 2 Primer 4ml, 2 x Topical Fillers...
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Surgical suture Non-absorbable & Absorbable sutures

Surgical suture 1) we supply vairous kinds of surgical suture include: Synthetic absorbable: --chromic/plain catgut --polygycolic acid braided suture --polydioxanone monofilament suture --Polyglactine (rapid) Non-absorbable: --silk braided suture...
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Sterile Wound Dressings

Composition: The product consists of substrate, release paper and non-woven pad. Features and Benefits: 1.Absorbable 2.Biodegradable 3.Biocompatible 4.Non-antigenic Specifications: specifications size Application scope 1201 4.4×4.4cm 1.8in×1.8in...
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Factory Price Medical Electric Surgical Suction Machine Factory Price Medical Electric Surgical Suction Machine Factory Price Medical Electric Surgical Suction Machine Factory Price Medical Electric Surgical Suction Machine Factory Price Medical Electric Surgical Suction Machine Factory Price Medical Electric Surgical Suction Machine

Factory Price Medical Electric Surgical Suction Machine

Electric Suction Apparatus is a beauty, high vacuum, high flow and transportable medical suction unit. It is able to absorb varied mucus rapidly from body cavity or wound, to satisfy most demands in operating rooms, wards and so on. Product...
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Mingtai LED720 LED520 fashion model mobile operation light

Special advantage: 1. High strength aluminum material, ultra-thin light head, integrated surrounded 4 group handle design, meeting laminar flow requirements, easy to operate 2. Variety of Surgical environment lighting mode: bright, normal,...
Main Item operating light, operating table, hospital bed, medical pendant
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KN-7000A1 low power Laser wound healing LED Red light Therapy

Better effective for wound healing LED red light theray than laser KN-7000A1 1, Application of red light in the medical field: Red light is a light in the natural visible spectrum, whose wavelength range is 620~750nm. The light sensation of retina...
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Medical zipper

Medical zipper, also called surgical zipper China National Patented product Qulaity certification: CE ISO Features: The Medical Zipper represents a new non-invasive method of surgical wound closure. The Medical Zipper is a combination of...
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Types of Veterinary Hyperbaric Chambers

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used in veterinarians to treat a variety of diseases and disorders in small animals, including wound healing and neurological disorders. It is a relatively new treatment for veterinarians, but it is...
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Waterproof Fiberglass Cast Tape Synthetic Casting Tape

***Waterproof Fiberglass Cast Tape Synthetic Casting Tape*** * 13 years profesional manufacturer Medical Orthopedic Fiberglass Cast Tape * FDA CE Certfication * OEM your size and backing * Various Colors for Choose * 7-15 Working Days for Delivery...
Main Item Fiberglass Casting Tape, Pipe Repair Wrap
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Wound and skin closure

For postoperative wound healing and scar wound ≤5 cm : 3*75MM 6*38MM 6*75MM 5-10 cm wound :6*100MM 12*100MM It is a good assistant for sewing up the surgical wound by surgical and cosmetic surgery operation. Caring the surgical wound after taking...
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Multipurpose Skin&Coat Care 3.38fl.oz / 100ml

Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, etc. Formulated to protect the affected area with thin breathable layer of chitosan, allows the silver nanoparticles to work effectively, and amino acids to nourish the affected skin. Suitable for rapid...
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disposable pulse lavage system

Suitable for orthopeics, surgical wound flush, hip&knee replacement. Thoroughly clean wounds and cavities ,thus reduce he existence of tiny tissue bearing bacteria and hematoma, lowers the dosage of antibiotics ,helpful to post-operative wound...
Main Item surgical instrument, once-0ff wound pulse irrigation system , finger splint , medical consumable.
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SurgiFill ( Collagen Filler For Tissue Supplement ) SurgiFill is an ideal tissue supplement for damaged tissue due to trauma, surgical wound, and inflammation. SurgiFill induces cell migration and improves cell viabilities in the stable matrix...
Main Item TheraFill, Novostrata
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