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surgical Instruments ultrasonic cleaner washer Medical device ultrasonic bath from China

surgical device ultrasonic bath surgical Instruments ultrasonic bath Main performance and characteristics of medical ultrasonic boiling washing machine Ultrasound high energy lumen perfusion irrigation Ultrasonic energy and pressure pump drive...
Main Item Plasma Sterilizer, Automatic Washer Disinfector, Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer, Automatic Flexible Endoscope Washer disinfector, Endoscope Washer disinfector, Endoscope washing disinfector machine.Hospital Medical Surgical instruments washing Sterilizer
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surgical bone drill set

Application: 1.Imported Motor 2.No Limit speed-changing 3.High Coaxiality, Low-Noise 4.With the perfect shape of ergonomic design 5.Long service life. The warranty fo for whole machine is 1 year. 6.Whole unit can be autoclavable at 135 °C (Improved...
Main Item surgical power tools, electric dril and saw
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